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UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Trounces Theresa May's Failures After Boris Johnson Jumps Tory's Sinking Brexit Ship


UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Trounces Theresa May's Failures After Boris Johnson Jumps Tory's Sinking Brexit Ship

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of key resignations from the Tory government, leader of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn lit into Prime Minister Theresa May and her Tory government on the floor of the House of Commons on Monday as he castigated the failure of her leadership at a perilous time for the nation's economic and political future.


Boris Johnson resigned, geez. Corbyn says the ship is listing, seems to me to be sinking. What a mess for England and trumps at their doorstep. Oh my. Gawd save the Queen.


The only thing stupider than leaving the EU is electing Trump. All I know is Putin is winning and the people in the US and the UK are losing. Russia may have lost the Cold War but whatever this is they seem to be doing quite well.



Don’t move too fast! Strategy, strategy! Don’t encourage the Tories to kick out PM TM before the Trump visit. This will force Trump to cancel the meeting. The visit of the hated Trump is needed to galvanize the British people’s opposition of the Tories so that your Labor Party can be swept into power!


LOL! No counter argument needed.


What reactionaries such as May and even opportunistic conmen that pose as such do is by clinging to tradition with such dogmatic determination they effectively circumscribe our future by the past.

  1. they inhibit any and all social reforms

  2. forward thinking legislation is curtailed

  3. inhibit necessary changes to bring about the consciousness needed to make sure we even have a livable future for all Life’s species–one world, one Life, one people.

  4. their aim much as that of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Bibi, Trump, etc. is to hold evolution shackled in a solid structure of weakness.

Life is evolutionary. Get out of the way!


If this country had any fucking brains, they would be happy to have Russia as an ally instead of a STRAW MAN ENEMY!


Russia is a corrupt quasi-fascist gangster-capitalist state. While we should pursue a degree of cordiality in our communications with Russia, we should not consider them an ally. The Russian government is certainly not a friend of the left.


Jeremy, Baybeeeeee! You da one! That’s right! You’re one of the first. You will be one of many-leading nation leaders, along with AMLO of Mexico and others - multi-waves of Beloved Leaders of the People, We the People! Sane visions of Love and inclusiveness going forward into the 21st century. Saving Mother Earth! Demolishing the border walls and the prison industrial complex. Shunning and dis-empowering the “brownshirts” of the bankster elite’s goon squads. Empowering the Poor People back to parity with a sustainable, living biosphere and commons owned by the People. I see this.


Yeah, those nasty Russkies. They destroyed Iraq and Libya and pretty made the MidEast a waste land.

Oh wait, that was us. My bad.


OH! And DUMBF and PAYLOOSELY and KILLERY and SCHOONER and the rest of the corrup government ARE a riend to the left?!

Your hate for Russia is as bullshit as your love for the right wing neocons of the Damnocrats!!!


They certainly helped Assad destroy Syria. Or was that the US reducing all those Syrian cities to rubble, killing hundreds of thousands and sending millions fleeing into exile?

Yes! Assad and Putin - socialist men of the people!

And are you forgetting that you “leftists” also regarded the leaders of Brexit - Boris Johnson and the racist, neo-fascist Nigel Farage as men-of-the-people too?

You neo-fascist-dictator-worshiping leftists would not know what socialism and solidarity was if it was being rammed up your ass.


Wow, going off the rails hey Yunzer! You have no clue who I am but I will tell you this. I have watched as Liberal Democrats have painstakingly made Russia out to be the bad guy while their own country destroyed the MidEast, one country at a time. And not a peep. I’m sick of it. And BTW - we (and Israel) targeted Syria with regime change. Russia came to the aid of its ally and was invited there. We were not.

No, I don’t love Dictators. But the leadership of my country does!I We need to leave countries alone, plain and simple.


What?! The U.S. didn’t want to “destroy Syria”???!!!
Your comments are biased and propaganda-laced!

Oh, and your shot at Socialism is BULLSHIT!!!


The US government is certainly not a friend of the left.

But war-mongering US government is certainly a friend of the (obviously not-left) Yunzer’s. Besties, they are.


No. You are in the thrall of a fantasy fake narrative robbing the Syrian people of agency to throw out their oppressor and you are siding with fascists.

I have helped sponsor, and am an acquaintance of, some Syrian refugees in Toronto. If you ever suggested that the US is responsible for their misery, they would correctly regard you as insane. To a person, they will tell you that Assad is the source of their misery.

And no, leftists are not nationalistic isolationists who look the other way when our brothers are being murdered by thugs, we did not do that in Spain, we did not do that in Central America, or Vietnam, or Palestine. We uniformly reject the savagery of all states!

Recall that it is "Workers of the World Unite?


Of course the US government is not a friend of the left. But at this moment, Assad makes Trump, or Obama or Bush look like a saints. What the hell are you talking about???


“Trump, Obama or Bush look like saints…”

You consistently support the worst of US militarism, war, mass murder, and imperialism, in the false frame of “lesser evil.” You are completely flipped out.


To a person…

Absolutely sure? How bout the child that sees whose plane is coming (and it’s American) that kills his parents?

The tide was turned it would seem after Aleppo. IMO he could have let Russia and Iran stay while he waited out the rebels in E Ghouta. I know, sounds weird with the rebels still right there on the edge of the capitol.

Turkey didn’t help much; they hurt. NATO member!! Just think what the world would think if they really understood NATO’s influence couldn’t produce anything better.

Juan Cole’s last on it explains things. I haven’t read Hersh’s last yet.


The EU has morphed into some neocon thing. I’m actually wondering whether it’s Brussels that desires MORE the deregulation (for UK), or if it’s Westminster that desires it more. Maybe short term Westminster…long term Brussels.