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UK Parliament Set to Vote on Climate Emergency

UK Parliament Set to Vote on Climate Emergency

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a developing story and will be updated.

The U.K. Parliament will vote Wednesday on a Labour Party motion to declare a climate emergency.

"We have no time to waste," Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said in prepared remarks. "We are living in a climate crisis that will spiral dangerously out of control unless we take rapid and dramatic action now."

Corbyn also praised youth who've led recent climate strikes.

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“Unless we take dramatic action now”. But he didnt say how!!!

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An interesting article:

Activism may work overseas, but not in this country!

Naomi is right, this is extraordinary! Amazing that Parliament was able to cut through the thick blanket of the Brexit focus to even consider this, let alone pass this resolution.

Think the US Congress could do the same thing and shift the focus from the Mueller Probe to Climate Chaos even for a few days?

Level 1: Smoking is bad for me, whatever.
Level 2: I’ll quit smoking, but not now.
Level 3: I’m not having another cigarette.

Level 0: Climate change doesn’t exist, or else I’m not a scientist.
Level 1: The climate change thing, I’m supposed to call it an emergency now.
Level 2: We’ll put some bills in and maybe spend some money, whenever.
Level 3: We need an R&D effort. We need to displace home heating, 90% of automobile fuel use, 90% of after-dark non-renewable electricity generation. We need merit-based R&D, not political buddy-based slush funds. We need to face and inhibit the Arctic meltdown, not hide our heads in the sand. We need deliberate speed, as if the military needed these new products yesterday.

Wonderful news coming out of British parliament after their support for white helmets , support for Saudi lead war on Yemen and staged chemical attacks in Syria plus the Russian spy poisonin blame game.


It works in this country too, it helps spread awareness even if the corporate elite media ignores it. It will bear fruit one way or another.

How about shift focus onto run away military spending. That’ll unshackle our nation to act free and heal our deep too long neglected wounds.

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The evidence is clear. The Data used to promote Climate Change, and Global Warming before the change in name, was falsified to promote the policies leading to the elimination of capitalism and National Sovereignty. This is the second time Labor betrayed the people of Great Britain. The first time was to flood the UK with Muslims. Look at what is happening to the UK today. You do not have free speech for to discuss Muhammad is a crime if you say anything truthful about his proclivity towards violence and rape.

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Remove this frank95054 mouthpiece.

Unless you find this kind of dishonest hate speech acceptable.


Figure out a way to tie into fighting climate change and supporting climate justice and I’m with you. Maybe move large amounts of money from “defense” to mitigating and adapting to climate change. Since DOD acknowledges climate change and spends a lot of money on R&D on it. Unfortunately, it all goes into helping the military adapt and not to helping the country mitigate and adapt. That’s one way to move the money and the focus.

This is the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) plan released on the same day: