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UK Privatization Puts Final Nail in Royal Mail's Coffin


UK Privatization Puts Final Nail in Royal Mail's Coffin

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Workers are decrying the demise of "one of the great inventions of our social history," after the British government announced on Monday that it was completing the privatization of the UK's state-run mail service by selling off its final 14 percent stake.


The rich want it all and they are intent on taking it all. They have no concern for human life or for the planet that we all live on. The guillotines may become a handy tool once again.


American 0.01%ers must be jealous that their British counterparts accomplished this part of their mutual privatization agenda before them.


When this parasitical scheme finally completes its infestation of the USPS, will we still trust the mail to deliver our ballots?


That's a good question.


If our politicians can't stop privatization, then who shall?


Presumably the word "Royal" will be taken out of the name "Royal Mail", as the word "Royal" presumably denotes ownership by the Crown. Now, who wants to buy the Royal Navy? Must be worth a quid or two.


Looks as if the same group of international Fascists are gaining control in both the UK and the United States.

The Republican Party has been clamoring for the privatization of the USPS for four decades now. The Third Way Democratic Party has not been making a peep in the USPS defense.


Vote for Bernie Sanders. He appears to be the last possible choice.


If you pull up their shirt you would see they all have the script Trickle Down tattooed on their belly.


One must actually oppose privatization if they hope to stop it. Lip service is not the same.


Watch now as services will shrink, people will lose their jobs, and costs to people will grow as the privatized post seeks more and more profits.

Can someone explain to me how the UK reelected the Cameron Crazies (and I am not talking about Duke basketball).


Trickle Down is the brand of underwear they wear.


The Royal Mail was started by Henry VIII in 1516. So that's 500 years of state ownership and history sold down the shitter to a bunch of rapacious scumbags.


Because, like the USA, Britain uses the 'first past the post' voting system which is deeply flawed. Only 32% of those who bothered to vote, (or just 22% of the whole British electorate elgible to) voted for Cameron, yet Tories ended up with 50% of seats. 4% of the electorate voted for the Green Party but they only got 0.2% seats, Just 1 MP. Spare a thought for UKIP who, much as I disagree with their policies, got 12.6% of the national vote but only 0.2% of seats, 1 MP again, like the Greens. The SNP (Scottish National Party) on the other hand got only 5% of the national vote (due to Scotland's smallish population) yet ended up with 10% of the seats, a whopping 56 MPs. The Tories do not really have a mandate from the British people, they just reaped the benefit of a flawed voting system. PR is needed ASAP. Not AV as they wheeled out in a recent referendum, but PR.


The people, politicians work for the privatizers.


I think you must mean CPR?


That's also how Thatcher manged to stay around. It takes around 36000 voters to put one Tory in, whereas it takes around 40 000 voters to put in a labour MP. And with Labour offering but more of the same as the Tories, albeit a little more slowly, who cares? Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air.

I gather that the word "Tory" is from Gaelic, "thoraid', meaning "thief" and was coined as an insult by the Whigamores in the late 1700s. How appropriate a description of misappropriators.


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At that point will voting be an effective method of choosing our leadership? Already we see two parties who are, with some exceptions, offering candidates chosen for us by the rich and powerful. When they choose the players does the score really matter?
The absorption of the commons is the new frontier for the 1% and they will use them to milk the common man,woman,and child of as much as their lives will bear.