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UK refuses Julian Assange hospital visit for MRI and diagnosis


UK refuses Julian Assange hospital visit for MRI and diagnosis

Justice for Assange

LONDON - In a press conference today, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino read out a letter from Assange’s UK doctor who conducted a medical examination in August. The letter says that he is in constant and severe pain, which is growing worse and has been present since June 2015. The doctor stated that an MRI scan needs to be performed. This can only be carried out in a hospital.



That's sickeningly inhuman.

In 1937, Chicago cops first opened fire on, and then began clubbing, peaceful strikers trying to get to the picket line in front of Republic Steel. Four people died on the spot, six died later, and more than 60 required hospital treatment for their injuries.

The congressional hearing chaired by Bob LaFollette concluded that the cops had acted illegally, and that "wounded prisoners of war might have expected greater solicitude" than the cops' victims got. No cops suffered for their crimes.

The way the UK is treating Assange seems to me to be quite similar to that episode in the level of inhumanity displayed.

I wonder whether Assange has been tested for a pinched nerve. I had one in my left shoulder that refused to go away for 10 years, and it was pure misery both night and day.


Please don't ever expect the UK or Sweden, two US client ass lickers, to do the right and decent thing. It is well beyond them!


Please would someone start a petition.