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UK Set to Approve Most Extreme Spy Bill in 'History of Western Democracy'


UK Set to Approve Most Extreme Spy Bill in 'History of Western Democracy'

The U.K. surveillance bill known as the "Snooper's charter" is poised to become law after passing both houses of Parliament this week. It only needs to be approved by Royal Assent, which is expected to happen by the end of the year.


It hard not to conclude that the internet was developed in part for this very purpose. This bill is passed just as the Thales group sponsors meetings that are attended by the Security and Military services of nations around the world wherein they outline how the internet and Social media can be weaponized.


And Western powers have the bloody nerve to criticize Russia?


A Brexit from the Magna Carta


It's fine to not treat Trump as legitimate. It's about time people were ready to quit treating American politicians as legitimate.

However, once again and again, nothing in Trump's failures excuses the failures of other politicians. The major way of "normalizing" psychopathic and criminal politicians is to demonize some selection of their colleagues. The fact that we get these articles immediately after and not during the Clinton candidacy strongly suggests that for very many adherents, Trump's legitimacy or illegitimacy is not a genuine concern.

I see no particularly good reason to compromise over bad legislation. But that does not and should not mean skipping out on cleaning the Democrats' own house. The official party sucked funds from other candidates to prop up Trump as a softball opponent to an unpopular candidate whom they wished to promote, thereby losing the presidential race to the second least popular candidate in history, and despite the large-scale denial of further and more serious corruption beyond the rigging of the nomination processes.

If politicians want to be treated as legitimate, let them act legitimately. If they want respect, let them be respectable. If not, to pretty red and blue blazes with the lot.


Ahhh, Orwell the prophet.


Yep. It is a shame. He wanted his book to be a warning to turn away from, not a guidebook to follow.


Agreed. It's a warning for "we the people" and a guidebook for the ruling elite.


The powers that be always determine who is our enemies and who needs to be spied on.....But when the enemies turn out to be the other political party what then...when opposing candidates become the enemy of the state look out democracy...Sure they will be monitoring the terrorists but lets be real here. Who else are they going to monitor...hmmm.
The GOP now owns everything including the ability to change all laws that get in their way of total domination...and to have this power of super spy...Nothing good can come from this...Republicans hate democracy especially when they are in power.