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Ukraine Is Ripe for the Shock Doctrine


Ukraine Is Ripe for the Shock Doctrine

Sean Guillory

While a crisis of faith, of sorts, has resounded in western discourse on the economic effectiveness of austerity, this scepticism, rather ironically, dissipates when you cross over into the remnants of the Iron Curtain.


“Much of Ukraine’s economic calamity, after all, is the direct result of Russia’s war in the east.”

It is the Ukraine that is not fulfilling its obligations under Minsk II


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Bull shit.


When he wrote “East of the Elbe…” i thought, wait, did Henry Wallace write this?


We assume you are not paid, but are a “true believer” who works for free…


I would prefer to think that Post-doctoral research Fellows subscribed to the ethic of truth according to the facts.

“Much of Ukraine’s economic calamity, after all, is the direct result of Russia’s war in the east”

The Ukraine was a bit of a financial basket case that couldn’t pay its gas bills well before the coup and the consequent reaction of the eastern Ukrainians who decided they wanted autonomy.


The plan is to bankrupt country after country, seize all real capital assets and then, well, there the fantasy stops and bloody revolution and civil war starts. As capital controlled law enforcement seeks to maintain control regardless of the number of deaths and this propped up externally by imperialist countries.
It is all so ugly and stupid but the psychopaths in charge thrive on chaos, thrive on war and death and the failures are as much of a reward to their psychotic egos and PR generated success stories.
How bad is Russia perhaps you should look at the situation in The Crimea at the moment versus what is going on in the rest of the Ukraine, how well or poorly are the people in the Crimea doing, how big is their austerity bite, how much are they suffering economically and how much will the suffer in the future.