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Ukraine Rebels Win Fight for Key City, But Will Cease-Fire Find Root in Battle's Wake?


Ukraine Rebels Win Fight for Key City, But Will Cease-Fire Find Root in Battle's Wake?

Jon Queally, staff writer


All other credible reports out of the “caldron” indicate the Kiev junta regular military are being taken captive, either having abandoned their weapons or handing them over. They most definitely are NOT driving out riding on tanks. These may be pics of Kiev military riding back from failing in the attempt to break through into the caldron from outside.

The Porky-shenko regime and Associated Press US-echo-chamber barely admit the Kiev troops and FOREIGN MERCENARIES are trapped. English, French, Polish and other languages heard on Kiev military radios in the caldron. OOPS!!! How many US “get out of my face”… “advisers” will be caught? Or will they all be killed and stripped of ID by the Kiev/neo-nazi officers?


Glad to hear the ceasefire is in place, and holding for now.

Beyond this, what will happen? Are we going to see a partition of Ukraine and the emergence of a new country, “East Ukraine”? This way regular Ukrainians can become debt slaves to the IMF while East Ukrainians can try to muddle through in some other way, as the deposed president was trying to do.


The Neocons running American foreign policy want war, so war there will be.

The relentless anti-Russian propaganda from DC, unchallenged in the MSM, tells the tale.


I fear for the lives of the mercenaries from the US, France, England and elsewhere who have been forced to surrender. The US in particular might decide to disown and deny their existence as might the other NATO/EU nations fighting alongside Ukrainian thugs and Nazis.


Very perceptive and on target comments, A_P.

Others: It was well understood but virtually not reported anywhere in the west that the real reason France and Germany rushed to make last week’s deal was in fact this troop encirclement written about in the above story. For context, see this story we published last week. Since Common Dreams will not let users post direct links, copy and paste this text and add the internet domain THE NEWS DOCTORS DOT COM (without the spaces and replace DOT with a period) in the front of the first forward slash


Almost everything reported about the Ukraine in the West is slanted to the point of insanity, if not outright lies. Even calling the Eastern Ukraine forces “rebels” is off because they actually have more legitimacy under norms of international law than the Western-installed junta in Kiev. Sure, there was some popular support in Kiev for the current junta among non nazi-style forces, but those civilians just wanted an end to corruption and believed the lies about the junta. That support is also fading. The country is an economic basket case now. Inflation is taking off. Staples are getting harder to come by. The military conscription age was raised to 60! Reports of homes being searched for military aged men are common. It’s the Kiev junta that lacks legitimacy among a sizable percentage of Western Ukraine.

The News Doctors has a “Geopolitics” section. For some of the very best alternative media coverage on Geopolitics, check it out. Just enter “The News Doctors” into Google and you’ll find us.

Eric Dubin
Managing Editor,
The News Doctors


I’m actually more worried about the “rebels” and their bosses, whoever they are. A force that beats back a national army is gonna be hard to control. I mean these guys have some pretty serious hardware at their disposal. Someone is gonna have to control them after all is said and done.


I have been posting links here since the “Commons” opened with no problem.

I’m about to do another one now. This from Robert Parry at Consortium News and it is on the American diplomat who was named as the new Finance Minister of Ukraine AFTER she received dual citizenship.

It seems there has been some pretty serious hanky-

https://consortiumnews.com/2015/02/18/ukraine-finance-ministers-american-values/ going on with the various “funds” she has been handling:


The republican militias are actually well-organized, cooperating with good leadership and quite disciplined. That’s why they are winning. The weapons they have are not the latest of most sophisticated, but in this kind of fight, rugged, proven basic weapons are often more effective than the latest gadgetry.

They know the Ukie regular army and conscripts don’t want to fight, but face life in prison or summary execution by hand-picked neo-nazi line officers. It is probable that the 1,000 or so Kiev “troops” that recently managed to break out of the caldron included the foreign mercenaries, neo nazi extremists and US “advisers”. The higher command had already pulled out just before the caldron was closed, rats leaving the sinking ship.


Ya, Putin arranged for US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (F**k the EU she was recorded as saying) to give the Kiev junta $5billion to overthrow the elected Yanukovich gov’t. It was as corrupt as any gov’t but it wasn’t propped up by neo-nazis…

The US can stop this any time it likes.

And maybe give Ukraine back the 40 tonnes of gold US black-ops stole during the coup. All they left was a few sub-standard bars and gold painted lead bars. Really. Stolen, just like the gold in Libya and Iraq. Gotta find the gold to give back to Germany and Holland somewhere eh, given there’s none in Fort Knox? Managed to convince Harper to trade all the Canadian gold reserves for worthless US$, but few other leaders are so stupid.


It also helps to have a steady flow of weapons and ammo from a foreign supporter.

Or look at it another way. A band of “rebels” holding off a well equipped national army. And they don’t even have a second amendment.

My personal opinion, they’re all Russian army “on leave”. Trying to secure a land link to the newly acquired Crimean peninsula. Or something like that.


You fear for the lives of contract killers (mercenaries)?

Professional soldiers for hire. Why worry … getting killed is part of their profession.


Well your “opinion” is not backed up in facts. It is becoming apparent just how much “non-lethal” aid the US/NATO was providing, with significant bits of advanced US/NATO counter-mortar-radar technology being abandoned in the Caldron. At least one armoured HumVee and other US/NATO sourced armoured vehicles.

One captured Azov soldier fighting near Mariopol revealed “foreign instructors” present, as well as French mercenaries he fought beside were equipped with the latest FN rifles and “communication systems” that seemed to work with unknown base stations. Probably satellite phones. Ya, just yer average GI-joes.

And the civilian Russian passports Porky-shenko held up as “proof” mean the Russians with the militias are… civilians. Russian military personnel have to hand in their civilian documents and are supplied with special documents. Are there ex-Russian military individuals there? Probably, but not in anything like the numbers or organization-backing the Kiev junta forces have from US/NATO sources.

But of course you know all this and are working hard to provide propaganda cover. It isn’t a “conspiracy” when the hardware is plain to see. How about the US releases satellite images proving Russia has been shipping weapons to the republican militias? No more staggered lines of wheat combines being passed off as Buk launchers please. If the US can “read a license plate” from space, they can see anything as big as you are claiming. Or do the US satellite shots confirm Russia’s story… OOPS!


Good point, the “rebels” line of supply is a lot shorter. Just one hop over the border. The other side has to haul stuff all the way thru the country.

Let’s not beat around the bush… those are mostly Russian troops using all Russian supplied equipment. “Rebels” are guys in jeans and body armor ambushing regular army with small arms and maybe mortars. These guys are all new equipment with no markings and uniforms with one side of the velcro still there where the unit patch used to be. Let’s just say most Eastern Ukraine is gone. To use a cliche, “The bear is awakening”


Again, most republican militia military gear was already stockpiled within Donbas/Luhansk from Cold War era depots. Obsolete by Russian military standards.

This is why the DPR/LPR militias are so happy to get the modern/hi-tech weapons/gear abandoned by the Kiev junta troops and foreign mercenaries/“advisers”. The mortar-radar system I mentioned? Personally delivered by John Kerry (the serial numbers match, only cost the US about $115k EACH). HAHAHA!

Russia has been regularly supplying OSCE-inspected food/medical supplies, which the militias and local gov’ts also distribute to the public.


Ya, seize on one tidbit and as if that discredits the entire issue. This is but one micro-element of yet another US-incited regime-change, false-flag operation. We are to believe that in Ukraine the US is “behaving differently” than it has for centuries world wide? Near identical admitted, historically proven parallels like Gulf of Tonkin, the Maine and US pre-WW2 sanctions on Japan are to be ignored? The list is too long to repeat here, but readers can easily find the full list of US ADMITTED false-flag, regime change operations. It numbers well over 100 separate instances.

We’ve seen this game played out so many times and in so many places as to recognize a pattern of behaviour when we see it. If nothing else, the Bernays-inspired seamlessness of US/NATO media “coverage” on Ukraine tells all anyone needs to know. At least Obama doesn’t publicly argue with the handler speaking in his ear-piece like George W. Stupid did.

Embarrassing, that for all that money spent the US gov’t still looks like a bunch of incompetent bumblers. Go invade Granada again, just to make sure the world nutmeg supply is safe.


Ya, indeed there is a “show of ideology and values”, latching onto a very well orchestrated tidbit, ignoring the well-proven tactics of the US-gov’t and its 0.01% elite.

You talk like Project for the New American Century, the Grand Chessboard and AIPAC documents aren’t openly available to show the latest versions of Manifest Destiny. But the “vision” is now world domination, not just conquering the American West.

Your rhetorical approach smacks of the Israel Project’s Global Language Dictionary.

Readers can look any of these informative little tomes to see how well-planned what they see in US/NATO corporate and “progressive” media is. And how little there is true. So before you attack independent and Russian media, you need to clean up the US/NATO gov’t echo-chamber.


Your replies can only be characterized as unsubstantiated propaganda. There IS true information beyond the US/NATO pablum.

Nice divide and conquer attempt. As long as US citizens are kept distracted and are not presented with a cohesive overview of what is done in their name, the shell game continues.

PNAC and Chessboard laid out in great detail how the US gov’t is proceeding. AIPAC helps keep the “right” politicos in charge, which as long as they support Israel’s agenda, any other warmongering that advances US interests is OK too.

Again, readers can decide for themselves after reading the docs I’ve mentioned if US objectives are truly “democratic and peace-loving”, or simply warmongering on behalf or the 0.01%. I doubt any readers taking the time will agree with you that there is no relevance to Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Venezuela or North Korea. Past history and the US-elites’ own words are not on your side.


Well, good luck with your fundraising, i guess. Hopefully some civvies gonna get fed or helped. I would not worry too much about military materiel. Russia has all the supplies on the other side of the border and delivers them as needed.


So where is that hardware headed? Cuz last i checked the Ukrainian Army tucked tail and took off.

I believe in common sense. No “rebel” unit lasts a year opposing a national army without major resupply. “Rebels” ambush enemy units. They do not shoot down (as you stated) enemy ground attack aircraft. Not for a whole year anyway. They do not have a constant supply of ammo for their MLRS.

I see how you are, for some reason, trying to exclude any Russian help the “rebels”. You’re in the right place here. Most of these guys will believe it. Not all…