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UK's Jeremy Corbyn Admits What Most in US Won't: "War in Afghanistan Has Failed"


UK's Jeremy Corbyn Admits What Most in US Won't: "War in Afghanistan Has Failed"

Jon Queally, staff writer

The sitting generals like it. The retired generals who dominate corporate news shows appear to like it. The Beltway Establishment is impressed. Democrats like Sen.


Agree with Corbyn, of course – !!

But isn’t the Q also WHY are we in Afghanistan as much as the Q was …
WHY were we in Vietnam.

There are no answers to those Q’s except the A’s that make clear we are there
for the Oil, for the Drugs, for the Real Estate/location and control over Middle East … for US Empire.


we had not the foresight to see the same thing to happen to us as we supported trained and armed , the afghan (saudi ?) fighters against russia , an embarrassing loss of troops and failure to finish the mission , or another way to look at it i suppose is that the plan all along was to break our own bank ,(back ) , just saying


By far the sanest, most decent major politician in the West today. Which may not be saying much, but let’s appreciate the wisdom and intelligence of this man and hope he soon gains Britain’s highest office.


That’s not the only place it failed. It failed in Syria because the U.S. armed and trained Islamic Jihadist to try and overthrow the Syrian government. It failed in Libya. When the U.S. decided to train and arm Islamic Jihadist to murder Colonel Gaddafi. Creating a failed state and throwing out the window, What was once the number one country in Africa, with the highest literacy rate. It failed in Ukraine. Where the U.S. decided to topple the Democratically elected government. And instead installed a rightwing, Neo-Nazi Regime. Checkout the NYT article that points the finger at Ukraine. For providing ICBM to North Korea. Of course I can go on and on. But I think you get the picture.


“The war in Afghanistan has failed,” Corbyn told the Mirror. “After 16 years of bloodshed and destruction, the Taliban are undefeated and terrorism is no less of a threat at home. In fact it has spread.”

For the MIC, its been and will continue to be a huge success.

The public needs to take control of the MIC:


Just on the strategy of installing more troops? What makes the war machine think that a few thousand more troops are going to make ALL the difference and we will ‘win’! It’s nuts. Very Republicanesque. If at first you don’t succeed, double down for the umpteenth time on failed strategies.


As if Western politician$ care about the Afghanis.


If you’re making money hand over fist, it’s not nuts, but soitanly “Republicanesque.”


As many others have said along with myself: The War in Afghanistan Has NOT Failed. It creates endless profits for the Military Industrial Complex. And it creates “enemies” against the USA as citizens in the Middle East are bombed endlessly. The WAR ON TERROR needs “terrorists” and bombing the hell out of other nations creates an endless supply of said “terrorists” who rightly hate the fuck out of the USA. The War in Afghanistan is a huge SUCCESS for those war profiteering plutocrats who are now running the USA. Corbyn needs to clearly state the REAL REASON for the Wars in the Middle East and maybe then and only then will the people become outraged enough to really stand up. The plutocrats are using taxpayer money and the military to fund and carry out their wars only to enrich themselves.


Don’t forget, as Tweetle-Dumb has recently pointed out, the Minerals so desperately needed by the electronics industry, and – most important of all – the huge profits being made by the weapons makers who, along with Big Oil and Big Pharma, own most of our congresspeople.


In the U.S. in particular, polls and surveys show what the citizens want. It tends strongly toward center-left or even left and is almost totally disregarded by our elected official. I like what she says - a message of hope and especially appropriate as it addresses making our current tools of the internet and social media more relevant.


Finally a voice of reason, close to, although not (yet) in government. Let this enlightenment catapult Corbin into Government ASAP!

And here on the other side of the Atlantic, where this destructive cancer metastasizes from, we have to do all we can to cauterize its source by no later than 2020/21.
It is up to US to improve not only our situation, but also that of the rest of the planet.


War in Afghanistan has failed? That statement depends on to whom Jeremy is talking about.


Maybe to the planners, it did not fail.


Thank you for posting this. I can only strongly recommend to all to watch the video.
I am so captivated by that woman’s ideas and perception, that I would propose marriage to her, if I was just 1/2 century younger. :laughing:
Seriously, you will not regret those 13 minutes listening to her insights


Exacttly, speechless.

Let them stop talking about “Failure”, and begin admitting “Original Intent”.


Right, UncleFester, and let’s not forget The Banks.


The war in Afghanistan cannot succeed unless there is a central government with control over the whole country. But that seems like wishful thinking. The central government has mainly only controlled Kabul. It has been so corrupt that many people have even preferred the Taliban. So basically what is needed is a central government that isn’t corrupt and can actually gain the support of most people. This war can never be won without that.


The war itself is corrupt to the core and imperial in nature.