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UK's Secret TTIP Assessment: No Benefits, Plenty of Risks


UK's Secret TTIP Assessment: No Benefits, Plenty of Risks

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would have "lots of risks and no benefits" for the UK, according to a government analysis released publicly Monday through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the advocacy group Global Justice Now.


“Obama over the weekend attempted to peddle the TTIP as being an “indisputable” benefit to the economy.”

Fraud after fraud delivered with a shuck and jive style of Al Jolson politics!

Obama’s health “care” debacle… a give-away to Big Insurance
Obama’s ending the various wars… replaced with stealth fighting and/or the use of drones.
Obama’s Dream Act–still in nightmare stages
Obama’s continuation of Bush’s disastrous “No Child Left Behind” this time marketed as Common Core.

And after NAFTA? After the rape of this nation’s industries and towns like Flint left battered and neglected… STILL the chief Salesman-in-chief is pushing TPP and TIPP?

And people with straight-faces actually speak in hushed respectful tones about “Obama’s legacy.”

Bah humbug!


I sometimes wonder who it is exactly that tells Obama what to do. Obama didn’t wake up one morning and go, “you know, what we need are huge, thousand-page trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific trade deals that strip the United States of sovereignty. Yep, that’s what America needs!”

No, he was handed a brief: “you will promote these deals. Get to it.”

Who exactly tells Obama what to do with his day?


While there is significant collaboration of most involved governments, the epicenter of all these pro-corporate trade deals and their driving force is clearly located in the US of A.
That is, why it is imperative, that we root out the problem right here and getting Bernie the nomination is Step #1. No he cannot by himself reverse a course, which has been firmly entrenched over a few decades. He needs help in Congress that is why we go to Step #2 and also support progressive candidates like Lucy Flores, Pramila Jayapal, and Zephyr Teachout

To quote Bernie Sanders in a statement released by the DFA today: “I need these 3 Democratic women in Congress when I’m president. Meet Lucy Flores, Pramila Jayapal, and Zephyr Teachout.”

But even that is not enough! Step #3, the most important one: We absolutely have to keep the new progressive wave rolling along now and even after the general election, to make it clear to the establishment and the still wavering Democrats in Congress, that a new wind is blowing, that will not be stilled.


I’ll give you three guesses, but do you really need them?


The power of profits uber alles is roosting securely in the Democratic Party - Bill Clinton then Obama, and now Hillary, all wealthy politicians - but NOT leaders worthy of any respect - will carry-on being (very well paid) corporate/banker/Wall Street/Big-Ag, Big Pharma, et al lap dogs!

The ONLY bright spot of sunlight shining on the cesspool of business as usual politics is Bernie Sanders, but the whole range of big-money, media, party hacks, talking-head whores, and a vast array of agents of evil seem to have had their way yet again with the American people…Clinton will be a dutiful little agent for profits uber alles and the 99% will get scraps.


Revolutions have been won against other great powers in France and Czarist Russia and those revolutionaries did not even have an internet or IT available to communicate and coordinate.

They just had determined leaders and a unifying cause. We can do it too!


Members of the deep state. The richest families, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, heads of Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Guns (MIC/weapons), Big Media, Big retail (Wal-mart), and of course… Big Energy.

I’m waiting for an ordered copy of Neil Lofgren’s “Deep State” book. Reading “Dark Money” was part of the eye-opening equation. (Added to “Shadow Elites” by Janine Wedel and “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot).

I agree that Presidents since JFK mostly act as mascots, Masters of Ceremonies, and salesmen (and perhaps sales women).


Are you and siouxrose1 who posted above, the same person? Why do you have multiple accounts? Why log out of one and then in with another in the same thread?