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Ultimate Hypocrisy: Saudi Crown Prince Touts Religious Tolerance in NYC

Ultimate Hypocrisy: Saudi Crown Prince Touts Religious Tolerance in NYC

Juan Cole

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s charm offensive in New York allegedly involved meeting Oprah Winfrey, which may be the only canny thing I’ve ever heard of him doing. He also had some religious leaders over to his condominium in NYC to stress the importance of religious tolerance.

MbS may be sincere, but here is an area where he has to put his money where his mouth is.

The Crown Prince has more Money than Brains.

Another Trump.

People of Jesus? Not even close.


Wow we are a lot like Saudi Arabia, our religious right are hypocrites also.


I’m more interested in him paying reparations to the victims of his carpet bombing in Yemen or to the families disrupted by the 9/11 attacks. What Mbs has to teach the world about the Quran or Wahabbist practises can wait until " he practices what he preaches " at home in S.A.
He and " Trumpster the Humpsters’ " treatment of women could also use an intervention. The abuse of guest workers in S.A. by the army of connected princes is well documented, also.
Oprah meeting with Mbs is to benefit the former, not the latter. Building up her political bonafides to match up with her billions. Ugh!
Charm offensive =s Harm offensive for most of the USAins.

People of Mohammad? Not even close.
Trying to describe Islam using Wahabism as the model is like trying to describe Christianity using Southern Baptists and the KKK.


Tolerance is what you have for a yapping dog, or a bratty neighbor kid. Acceptance is what you share with equals. I am an atheist, though raised Roman Catholic. All of the big, mainstream, organized religions have at their heart, bigotry. Even Buddhists have been known to riot against Muslims, in Sri Lanka and India. I sometimes even consider myself a bigot, in that I can feel contempt for the ignorance brought on by extreme faith.

Speaking of Hypocrisy;
This is Easter Sunday, the day Christ is remembered as having died for our sins and been resurrected, to live at the right hand of God. I’ve listened to a lot of sermons, heard a lot of preachers on the radio or the television and I would like to know the answers to a few questions.
How many people would Jesus bomb today?
How many children would Jesus starve, and deny medical help to?
How many people would Jesus drive from their homes, to wander as unwanted refugees, hungry, homeless and sick?
How many people would Jesus torture in black sites and prisons?
How many people would Jesus shoot, then kick their bodies into trenches, to be filled and left unmarked?
How many unarmed black people would Jesus shoot on the streets for the “crime” of being black?
How many people of other color or heritage would Jesus expel, to be separated from their loved ones and children, all to be incarcerated indefinitely, or shipped back to countries where they would be tortured or killed?
I really want to know, for my idea of Christianity is a bit different than I see today.