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UMass Restrictions on Iranian Students Draws Fire from Rights Groups


UMass Restrictions on Iranian Students Draws Fire from Rights Groups

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A new decision by the Graduate College University of Massachusetts at Amherst to restrict Iranian students from key academic programs—including physics, microbiology, and chemistry—is being blasted by civil rights advocates and members of the campus community as a violation of academic freedom, educational equality, and the principle of non-discrimination.

"Of all the people to hurt with sanctions, punishing students and undermining educational exchanges is a particularly damaging act," said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian-American Council.


Shall we change Uncle Sugar’s name to Uncle Hypocrit?


This kind of behavior is a symptom of the control the Jewish lobbies have over our educational institutions. Disciplined and united, lobby representative threaten the withdrawal of support and public condemnation if institutions are deigned to be critical of Israel in any way, or if they are deemed to act in ways that the lobbies consider harmful to Israel. There is a history of blackballed professors who are Palestinian or have been openly supportive of the Palestinian cause. Educational institutions are particularly vulnerable because they are by nature timid. The connection here, of course, is that Iran is enemy number one in the eyes of Israelis and Christian Zionists and anything that might remotely harm Iran is in play. It is sad because one of our strengths has been our exchange programs.


This certainly is an outrage, do the students really thing they can reverse this outrage through “liking” a Facebook page??? Good God!

Here’s a clue… Facebook pages do not create change - your physical body (you know, the one you kids take so many “selfies” of), put to work occupying the campus administration building, reinforced by sturdy barricades, creates change!


This sounds like something that would happen in Nazi Germany. Our country is descending into fascism.