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UN Adds Saudi Coalition to 'List of Shame' for Killing Children in Yemen



UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the coalition was responsible for 60 percent of a total of 510 deaths and 667 woundings in 2015 after its campaign began in March—a six-fold increase, as Human Rights Watch (HRW) separately pointed out.

"Grave violations against children increased dramatically as a result of the escalating conflict," Ban said in the report (pdf).

The coalition now joins other actors involved in the civil war, including the Houthis, Yemeni forces, and pro-government militia, that have also been placed on the blacklist of states and armed groups who violate children's rights amid conflict.

**International human rights groups warned in March that the flow of weapons to Saudi Arabia has "facilitated appalling crimes" in Yemen, and that the U.S. and other Western nations are complicit in the deaths of children there due to their continued allegiance with the Persian Gulf nation.**

Think we all know that our corrupt government and MIC/Intelligence complex are the primary threat to
world peace.

UN leaders have managed to make that clear fairly often over time -- also citing the US as a "terrorist nation."


LOL some still think that wahabi is a real word


I read an official report from the legitimate government mentioned that numbers are far from reality. People should be aware that children are hired to fight in battle fields. So I still think why would they write a report to mislead others? UN hypocrisy maybe.