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UN Agencies Warn of Global Hunger and Displacement 'Surge' From Coronavirus Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/un-agencies-warn-global-hunger-and-displacement-surge-coronavirus-pandemic


As soon as Pfizer announced the status of their Covid-19 vaccine trials gun manufacturer stocks dropped. The arms industry has been counting on the pandemic getting worse which translates into more arms sales.

Guess the arms industry will need to revive the “Obama is taking your guns away” mantra to apply to Biden so they can bolster gun sales.


Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity looks more prescient, as a leading indicator, the longer I observe it. It’s a tricky metric, depending on some methodological hacks JH explains on their site – to estimate the connotation they intend from the numbers available. At any rate, JH’s idea of how to estimate test-positivity (in our universe of incomplete data) will inevitably differ from that of others, so if I want to compare the positivity of USA states to that of various countries, I have to reference the same methodology (Johns Hopkins, for now) on both ends. Lucky for me, there is a place I can find JH scrutinizing test-positivity in other countries:


What’s interesting about this rundown is the worst national positivity in the world, Poland’s, isn’t as bad as that of South Dakota, Iowa, or Idaho. Only one other country exceeds 30% – a level worsted by 5 USA states. The worst eight, from my latest digest of Johns Hopkins data:

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      49.7        112.5         0.95
>  2. Iowa              41.7         75.6         0.60
>  3. Wyoming           31.9         67.2         0.59
>  4. North Dakota      14.3        135.7         1.08
>  5. Idaho             36.0         52.8         0.74
>  6. Kansas            35.2         48.4         0.82
>  7. Wisconsin         14.5         83.7         0.64
>  8. Montana           16.3         70.1         1.15
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Hey, before the UN starts passing the plate for American donations, they should remember that we’ve already done our part. I mean, since 9/11 we’ve spent $6.4 triillion on wars to keep the Middle East safe for democracy, displacing more than 37 million people in the process. So what, they want us to buy face masks for all of them now?

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Informative article. We need to make provisions for people living in extended care in refugee camps to provide for themselves too. They can make positive contributions to their well being when given the right opportunities. Some have been in these camps for years.