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UN Ambassador Haley Lashes Out at US Allies: "For Those That Don't Have Our Back...We'll Respond Accordingly"


UN Ambassador Haley Lashes Out at US Allies: "For Those That Don't Have Our Back...We'll Respond Accordingly"

Nika Knight, staff writer

New United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley arrived at U.N. headquarters in New York City for the first time Friday, and wasted no time in lashing out at the international community and U.S. allies.


Wow! talk about the inmates being in charge of the asylum.


The 'jackboots' Haley was wearing for her UN 'inauguration' were the real message. Which made that 'smile' one might imagine, seem like the famed smile on Josef Mengele as he greeted a new train. "With us, or with are enemas" is back.


Isolating and marginalizing the U.S.A., adversarial talk, what a beginning. What is it with this dick swinging towards the world? We will not have the strength economically to do diddly squat in a very short time. Except for Theresa Brexit May, no one has held out an olive branch. They will begin to coalsce against us. And rightly so.


There's no reference here to Israel, but my guess is that's what she's mostly referring to, with possible stress on the recent resolution against building settlements. Her language is Bibi's language, right down to the belligerent "taking names" crap that that asshole has used as a threat. So clearly her intention here is to threaten anyone who tries to support human rights.


Belligerence takes the place of diplomacy.


She called it "The USUN" throughout the statement - and she was referring to the whole UN not the US Mission. Is she implying that the US will henceforth regard the UN as US-administered and occupied territory?

I dearly hope the world declared zero-tolerance for this bullshit and start's isolating the USA right now.


Apparently the Tyrannosaurus Rump Insanity is Contagious.

Either that or, up until now, Haley has been pretty good at concealing the Rabies Foam around her mouth.


"We're taking names, we're checking them twice, we're gonna find out who's naughty and nice, Donald Trump is the Bully to Fear".


There hasn't been any diplomacy from the US for a very long time. Only belligerence. Do you really think Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and John Bolton were "diplomatic" in any way at all? How about Jeanne Kirkpatrick, if you're old enough to remember? The core US "diplomatic" position has long been the same as the Mafia's: My way or the highway. Or I'll break your legs. Or worse.


What a fine civilized way to introduce yourself to the world's most esteemed body - THREATEN EVERYONE from the inexperienced newbie. How could that go wrong or be misinterpreted? If she is so eager to suck up to her new employer as to debase herself on the world stage, she’s not as ‘smart’ as advertised.


I called it from the start...a totally unqualified, ignorant, provincial and unworldly person thrust on the world stage with the diplomatic skills of a badger...but that is what T-dumps likes: chaos, stupidity, belligerence, obstinacy, and throwing down gauntlets at every opportunity. But, if T-dump has his way, then Haley will be back in SC devising more ways to disenfranchise as many voters of color as she can in her Confederate state as the US exits the UN.

The only thing missing from her rant was removing a spiked-heel (eff-me pump) and pounding it on the desk....

(And she will have wasted so much money on teeth-whitening and buying an out-of-date, unfashionable wardrobe. Wahhh.)


Ms. Haley need to look up the word "hubris" in the dictionary.


yep. the language and faces may change, but the policy remains the same. The US expects the UN to act as an adjunct legitimation device to support the execution of imperial policy.

These guys are pretty much like the Bush mafia on that score. They don't bother donning the masks like the hideous Power and Rice from the last regime.


Looks like the Trump-style of bullying and threatening will continue on via Haley/UN and Moloch/EU.
Of course, Trump may bankrupt us first.
What we really need is a MIC which is even more costly than $700-odd Billion every year!!

And more war --
Looks like at the least they're trying to reestablish the Cold War -- but they are still working on those
"more readily usable mini-nukes" which should assure all citizens of US and innocents around the world!!!

What we should be doing is shutting down the 500+ nuclear reactors around the world --
and the 100+ nuclear reactors here in the US. Takes at least a year to shut one of these things down.
And then there is still the nuclear WASTE which will remain hazardous for the next 50,000 years -- maybe even longer.


The "drums of war" are sounding. Next up, folks, is the wicked wizard's reinstatement of the dreaded "draft" (with the blessings of his flying monkeys in Congress and cabinet)...may his two older male devil-spawn, and when he comes of age, his last (hopefully) youngest clone be the first to be taken. Taking that step would end the Repug reign of terror post-haste. (Thank heavens my son is too old and has two bad knees as a result of football injuries). My brother spent two tours of duty in Vietnam as a medic (bless his heart) and earned a bronze star with a V for valor along with two purple hearts saving many lives. I lost classmates in that military fiasco and pray with all my heart that yet another world conflict does not take our (and other nations') young men and women into the gates of hell.


Agree --
Easy to see now the US from the very beginning was the primary enemy of the concept
for the United Nations -- i.e., PEACE.
They've done everything they can to ensure that PEACE never happens, especially in
depowering the UN and corrupting it.


Back to 1933.


What unmitigated hubris these new representatives display! The US will do this and the US will do that and everyone else can go to Hell. Other nations, wishes mean nothing, it is only the US that counts. Such an over the top attitude promises failure on a mega scale!


turd-dump and his fools on the path they've chosen will have the effect of bringing together Americans who won't put up with his ignorance and will concentrate to bring about it's end. Now it seems turd-dump is achieving the same approach to our allies and enemies alike across the world. Just imagine, out enemies and allies working with Americans around the world, uniting to douche turd-dump, and continuing to rid the world of threats, of war, of hunger and religions that divide us. Please proceed, turd-dump, maybe in the long run you'll accomplish something of use, even if only accidentley.