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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Threatens Unilateral Action in Syria


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Threatens Unilateral Action in Syria

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Holding up photos of dead children as justification for potential war, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Wednesday that if the U.N. doesn't take action in Syria, "we may."


How suspicious- This strange women in jackboots and miniskirt is all of A sudden provoking war over an incident that hasn't even been properly ascertained?
Does she even understand the ramifications of issuing this ultimatum in front of the UN?
This is so very suspicious after considering the US modus operandi for War-
It brings to mind 9-11 and the Bush/Cheney mad impulse to go to War in Afghanistan and Iraq..-
With all undue respect, this woman, or thing, should be all about finding out who deployed this gas that killed all of these people- Not harping and threatening War, which will only bring more death and misery...
Just ask yourselves, when has this Government ever shown the slightest concern for dead children either nuked (Japan), napalmed Viet-Nam) or starved to death (Korea) or just bombed to smithereens (Iraq etc.) in any War, in any foreign country?


False Flag


Suspiciously so.....


Hmm, I am highly suspicious of this. Remember a few years ago when Kerry was SoS and he was discussing this, Obama was ready to drop a bomb, and it was determined that Assad was not responsible. These weapons were in rebel held territory. Check out this story from Consortium News: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/04/05/another-dangerous-rush-to-judgment-in-syria/


Ah, the old picture of dead children ploy. Works every time. Funny how we never see the children killed by American hands (directly or indirectly). Unless, of course, we're seeing them right now...


Another fraud perpetrated by Trump, this time against the U.N.


Further proof that Trump surrendered. Neocons win again!


Trump admin putting on a dog and pony show for his base. They'll lap it up, as planned. They'll go to the polls in 2018 satisfied that Trump was tough.

And Democratic turnout in the midterms? Wait, what do they stand for again?


It shouldn't be unilateral action - in fact the US needs to butt out. But some kind of action - preferably a limited "decapitation" action against Assad, would not be bad idea. The Syrian left would not mind such an intervention - in fact they would rejoice - if it happened. Yes, there is still a substantial, left-oriented secular resistance against Assad - plus there are the Rojava Kurds.

Edit; but then again, if it was the US who did it, I would not get too upset.


Yes, look at how effective the "Palestinian terrorists" use dead children pictures, and also left wing commie peaceniks in the US...


The timing around this is also suspicious. Why now and to what purpose was this even done? Hard to know the who without the why and the when! Exceedingly strange and very sad. Thanks for posting the piece from Consorium News. It bears consideration!


" When has this Government ever shown the slightest concern for dead children?"

Only when it fits their war agenda!


The Neocons and their allies in the MSM have beaten up Trump so badly that I think he has fully surrendered and accepted the Hillary-Neocon position in Syria and probably in most of foreign policy. Once Trump fully capitulates on all major trade and foreign policy issues to the Neocons and the rest of the Oligarchy, the MSM will likely begin to leave him alone.


Yes, reminds me of the children in Kuwait being used for justification for the war in Iraq, which was proved false at a later date.


Trump and his immature, mean-spirited, knee-jerk tantrums coupled with absurd tweets foster his very own undoing. And to use the term "surrender" when referring to T-dump, then you have little knowledge of his history and his penchant to never give in, EVER. As for capitulating on trade and foreign policy, executive orders undermine your assertion. T-dump, his trash tribe and the cabinet ARE the kleptocratic oligarchy.


All Corporate staged psyops-


Yet Haley didn't make a peep when it came to the US withdrawing all its contributions to the UN for women's health care/birth control, which will have horrific consequences for women, their children, their families, and their communities. Besides, "unilateral action" will lead to an increase in body counts, destruction of entire communities, and more refugees (which the US refuses to assist). She is way out of her element (front porch overlooking the Atlantic with a mint julep in one hand and a bible in the other) and, as such, is VERY dangerous...not unlike her man in the WH. Why do these idiots always turn to war and violence to bring "peace?" So much for the US role as a "peacekeeper" or "beacon on the hill."


Unfortunately we cannot trust a thing the US government or its agents say. They continue to try to manipulate the world and the American public through lies and distortions. They are kind of like the boy who cried wolf - after so many lies he was not believed when he told the truth.

Given the state of misinformation today about the only thing we can know for sure is what we see and experience in our own communities. In mine, I see massive homelessness, gentrification, gridlocked traffic, predatory real estate investors and a corrupt and clueless city council.


It didn't take long, did it?