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UN Assessment: Global Destruction of Mother Earth on Fast Track


It was actually a geography error on Mossonarocks part rather the a vocabulary error in the article.


Continuing to wait for the symptoms of the destruction of the planet by its major abusers and then apply legislation and fines to correct this abuse is too little too late, because it does not address the core issue, which is the belief of separation from the essential life giving gifts of nature. That is not to say to that abusers should not be stopped and punished.
What is most important Is that large numbers of people, millions, begin to not only see their connection and 100% dependence on nature, but see themselves AS nature. When this subtle level of perception is realized, then all actions will be in accordance with the wholeness that nature appears inside of. No action, even though individual, will disrupt this wholeness , thus assuring the planets restoration and maintenance of purity.


And then there is sociopathic evil, corporate evil, evil embedded in systems of reward, inequalities


That was my point about actual intent. Greed is like driving a car too fast. You don’t intend to cause a fatal accident but only to go fast. Nevertheless you dismiss the objections to doing so and take the risk. However you impose the risk on others as well. Is that evil to be reckless like that? Is it evil to use fossil fuels at this point?

I think that preventing. The switch or delaying the switch from fossil fuels to renewables is knowingly and intentionally causing harm simply for greed’s sake and that could be considered evil . Corporate evil? People make corporate decisions. That would then be the corporate equivalent of just following orders.

Inequality may be wrong and certainly unfair but just because someone makes more money than you or some other inequality that doesn’t qualify as evil. Evil is to do grievous harm to people. It is not evil to get promoted over the more deserving person just because you married the boss’s cousin. Unfair yeah but not evil.


Inequality in opportunity, tax system, law, gender, ethic, culture etc. Being born to the right gene pool is just like hitting the lotto but the windfall is not treated equitably tax wise.


Okay you are discussing right and wrong not evil and good. Just because something is wrong or unfair does not make it evil. Someone cuts in front of somebody on line is not evil but it is wrong and unfair.


Inequality in treatment for any reason other than mercy is evil to me.


Are you debating the definition of words then? People will do that and start arguing that a word definition should apply and that if the other person doesn’t agree that the word definition applies that means they don’t agree with the whole premise. I am not excusing inequality in any way but lots of things are wrong and unfair but they aren’t necessarily evil.


Reread the last two word…to me. No argument


I want to read solutions, not problems.
Step one. Replace every house lost to fire with 100-panel solar homes.
Build all new homes on higher ground.
Give New Orleans back to the fish & ducks.

Lake County fire. If PG&E can’t guarantee us they can prevent all future forest fires, like Lake & Butte fires, then we must protect ourselves by building 100-panel solar homes & create a solar economy, here in California, by requiring Utilities to pay $0.49 kwh for solar.

Germany requires all Utilities to pay $0.99 kwh for solar & wind.
That is why GDR is now at 90% of its total national energy from solar, wind, waterwheels & biomass. There are now 111 towns in GDR that are at 400% solar & so make $$ millions selling solar onto the grid. Three cheers for the GDR. I’ll drink to that.


In the very short time we may have left to avert ”non-linear extinction level events" (IPCC 2014), leading to irreversible systemic collapse, the single most effective action We The People can initiate, without hesitation, government permission and without breaking the law, is “essential civilian demand” (CFR 44, EO 13603, etc.) for the “strategic resource” identified in seven Presidential Executive Orders as “hemp.”

In recognizing Cannabis hemp as a “strategic food resource” seven American Presidents have confounded the fraudulent miscategorization of ‘marijuana’ as a “Schedule One drug” (i.e. having no beneficial use).

The simple power of the truth does so as well. Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds. Our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” is the first test of religious freedom.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Every planting season that passes without the Gaiatherapeutic benefits of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, is gone forever. Time is the only thing we can’t make more of.

We are legally and morally justified in exercising essential civilian demand for the strategic resource, Cannabis hemp, because we are threatened with extinction. Cannabis is both unique and essential in providing environmental services that are critical to repairing harms done to Earth’s atmosphere, soil, and water.

To understand further why Cannabis is essential to mankind’s existence on this planet, please consider the information in my book entitled “Cannabis vs. Climate Change”


That’s a definition for “arctic” that I hadn’t considered.