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UN Begins Negotiations on Treaty to Protect Marine Resources


UN Begins Negotiations on Treaty to Protect Marine Resources

Thalif Deen, IPS News

The United Nations has begun negotiations for a new legally binding treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological resources in the world’s oceans – nearly 64 percent of which lie beyond national jurisdiction.


All cargo ships are tracked 24/7* . All fishing vessels of significance should also be tracked to verify observance of treaty laws. This would need to be monitored by an independent, but properly vetted, institution, as fishing locations are truly trade secrets, as even the novices know. The technology exists to improve compliance in the oceans. Does the political will?



Well, sounds nice... but if we keep up our culture of "having our cake and eating it too, it won't matter.... It's funny how some think that if they do this or that or devise better technology or more energy efficiency... that will be the solution... nothing will help as long as most people, especially we here in rich countries, and the rich in every country.... get to do what ever to hell they want.... why do we think we can just live it up ... play and entertain ourselves ....with casinos, professional sports, have all kinds of conveniences and still save our planet/selves...????? GGEEEeeezzzzeee . I must be living in the TWILIGHT ZONE.....


There is no profit in it, US will not do it along with the other profit seekers at all cost nations. Enough is never enough.


"UN Begins Negotiations on Treaty to Protect Marine Resources"

"negotiations will cover, among other issues, the sharing of benefits related to the use of marine genetic resources, marine protected areas and environmental impact assessments, as well as the transfer of marine technology" - where are the words "protecting marine life and habitat"?

"Participation in the negotiations for the new instrument has no effect on the legal status of countries not party to the Convention on the Law of the Sea"
The pattern in many so-called reforms/treaties is sellout to major players interests, or non-signatory nations. The wild card in this treaty are the TPP, TTIP and other Trojan Horse "trade" deals - how will those pro-corporate instruments figure?

“There was palpable reluctance demonstrated by certain major countries, such as the US, Russia, Japan, Norway and the Republic of Korea to join the majority during the negotiations in the working group" -
the "usual non-signatory suspects" - rapists/pirates/polluters of the seas that will likely include "fine print" exclusions to assure continued exploitation, pollution, and lack of serious enforcement -
UN - NGO fanfare could be a fart in a windstorm. The devil is in the details and as of now there seems to be no framework to include regulating wider destruction and pollution to the marine environment.

Hopefully this is not all dog and pony show that misses the mark - intentionally - that will end many aspects of Ocean, river, Bay and estuary pollution at its source, protecting huge "nursery" and migration areas, outlawing "cultural" extinctions, and implementing enforcement to hunt-down ANY pirate operation from ANY nation!

Sorry I have such little faith in humankind - this play has been going-on for a very long time and akk we've seen is obfuscation, lies, deceit and BS!........I have learned that phony "reforms" can be used to lock-in exploitation and abuses!

Is it any wonder many have little faith in diplomats - they should be paid by the job rather than hour........