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UN Biodiversity Report Urges 8 Transitions Needed to Restore Essential Ecosystems Impacted by Humanity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/un-biodiversity-report-urges-8-transitions-needed-restore-essential-ecosystems

Biodiversity. Cultural diversity. Economic diversity. Life diversity. All are inter related. Right now, Gaia has been suffering under the hegemony of The American Way and the American Dream as being the only way to live for the entire world. The US and its corporations have, by war and exploitation, destroyed thousands of cultures that were thousands of years old. Now, everybody around the world knows about the importance of brands for status, American fast food is available in the most isolated places, like Leh in the Ladakh region. Then there’s religious colonialism coupled with economic colonialism in countries like Uganda.
How to reverse and restore these lost ways of living, that stressed balance with the ecology of a place, that is the question to be answered. Time for the US and the corporations to pull out and be satisfied with what we already have way too much of-stuff!. A cosmic reset button would be nice, the ancient Greek deus ex machina swooping down from the sky to save the protagonist of a play. That’s what the most deluded of our culture is hoping for-the Rapture with all sorts of bloodshed and the Saved soaring into the sky, leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess.
A small step would be to not rebuild in the areas devastated by fire and storm. Let nature return and heal the area. We can reform cities to be for people, not for cars. Sidewalks, not streets. Small shops and markets, not Big Box stores. I think of the street markets in other countries from Senegal to Mexico to Vietnam; locals sell local foods and other goods. Singapore has enclosed markets with rigid sanitation rules, selling fresh food and goods from real people.
When the first ring of suburbs along with the exurbs are strip-mined out, let them revert to nature. Lots of open spaces in cities to become low-income housing coupled with urban farms. Expressways become light rail lines.
So many ideas that I want to share. Still have fire in the belly. As a side note-the smoke is here along with a low level odor of something burning. The sky is an odd milky pale blue.


I can imagine a world in which communication is so densely available that kids everywhere almost effortlessly pick up 5 or 10 languages and cultural orientations, so that by the time they reach adulthood they are true “people of the world”, immune to calls for war, and committed to careers maintaining the health of the planet and its inhabitants.


Teach a child one religion, and you indoctrinate her. Teach her several religions, and you immunize her.


Yes religion and governments are so interested in controlling education.

“Show me the child until the age of seven and I will show you the man. “ wasn’t just an of the cuff remark !

We have used more resources in the last 40 years that 40 000 and we are not slowing down some say this is progress ,it’s progress towards our own demise .


Words, all words, just look at the CO2 outputs of all the major players, it has, or was, until the pandemic, going up unabated, despite all the talk, all the promises, correlating with, btw, the inequality growth between the richest 1% and the bottom 99%. Socrates nailed it when he said, " He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have." Buddha was right when he reasoned that," In Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. By desire , Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied. As a result, desiring them can only bring suffering." - Basics of Buddhism PBS
Tragically the suffering extends to all the living world.


It’s good that the UN is paying attention, but their solutions won’t work. Read the two Endgame books by Derrick Jensen, as well as the Deep Ecology principles enunciated by Arne Naess. Those are the principles on which the UN should have based their recommendations.
Only when our species recognizes the rights of Nature and other species, and reduces our population growth and builds an “economy” not based on plundering the earth and killing animals will we have a hope of preventing the worst of anthropogenic mass extinction.


#9. Extinction of humanity is the best transition for restoring essential ecosystems.


Does anyone see these needed transitions happening without killing off corporations? I see that as the first essential step in this process.


Like your Fire!.. Search “the upheaval new message” to gain more Fire & Knowledge… We have passed a threshold on this planet, one that started at the dawn of the Fossil Fuel Age, our way of life is over, and a new one will emerge… We are in the midst of a Collapse of the Human Industrial Civilization… The Earth does not have the carrying capacity nor the resources to support the current situation. We face two great challenges: a Great Waves of change, or a rapidly degrading planet and a challenge to humanity’s freedom & sovereignty on this planet. We live at a time of great danger and opportunity…the question is which road will humanity take?

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Agreed. (interesting word, no?)

One of the best ideas, it shows deep knowledge and respect.

The Arts… That is homo-sapiens gift.
(Thank you. [reason])
To make extinct a being that sees a sunset, has feelings about it and expresses them (through The Arts), would be the greatest of losses [to the reason].
To make extinct Beethoven, ( I can not even find words)

How do we, homo-sapiens, stop the “money/barter” system?


How many nations are signatory to the U.N. ? How many of those nations are signatory to this report, and how many of them, are actually doing anything physicaly to fulfill the asperations contained within the report ??? It’s very easy, to conduct Commissions and produce reports, at the same time earning a very lucrative living doing so. But how about actually physicaly getting off their collective butts and conducting work to implement what they are saying, needs to be done ???

Humanities freedom disappeared a long time ago.When the simple purpose of our living on this planet, is to gain as much money as humanly possible before dying, has over taken all other aspirations, we have already died.


Yes Human Industrial Civilization and Money has done much damage. Money to make money is a big problem… Money for transactions alone is very valuable… We need local currencies, again… We need to ban the option of making money from money… You may be interested in an article searchable called “The Coming Financial Storms”…actually upon us now…