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UN Calls for 48-Hour Ceasefire So Aid Can Reach War-Ravaged Aleppo


UN Calls for 48-Hour Ceasefire So Aid Can Reach War-Ravaged Aleppo

Jon Queally, staff writer

The United Nations is urging all factions inside Syria to commit to a 48-hour cease fire so that emergency aid and relief workers can save lives and offer assistance to those caught inside the war-ravaged city of of Aleppo.


the last time they tried this, the lull was used by turkey to move artillery fire into position to shell Syrian positions around aleppo.
Every time the jihadis find themselves getting run out on a rail, here comes the American poodle with a "cease fire" offer that's going to be used to reconstitute and rearm the mercenaries tearing the country up in the first place.
There was no call for a cease fire when Nusra and the rest of those gangsters were taking Aleppo from the Syrian people, was there?
This war needs to end, but it can only do so when the invading powers withdraw their mercenary dogs from the field and return Syrian lands to Syria.
Oh, and this isn't a civil war and never has been beyond the initial, well-meaning protests that became the excuse to start slipping in outside armed forces a la Ukraine.


All of what you say is true, but....................


...............Obama plays golf while the world burns.


Why is America & Co. bombing Syria?


Here are the actual facts about the Syrian situation. By the way. the American leadership is insane.




if the but concludes with, "it's still the right thing to do because ti could save lives", then my point would be that it might actually not in the end. If this is used to rearm and resupply, many more live will be lost as the conflict drags out. My preference would be that the Syrian state retake their territory as quickly as possible to put an end to this invasion and secure peace faster.
It's a terrible choice, but it's a choice forced by the US and its partners in regime change crime, right?

On the other hand, if it's just a 72 hour gig to get some materials to civilians for a bit, that's fine. But so far, that's not what these pleas have been about.


If you haven't read this article, do it now.


This ceasefire is asked for by the UN. That would be the UN that took health effects from nuclear weapons and nuclear power industry away from the World Health Organization and put it into the hands of corporations and regulatory agencies. This is the UN that brought cholera to Haiti and killed thousands. Everywhere they go women and children are raped. This ceasefire is not about helping people. Its about arming people. If the UN is anything its a supporter and voice of the 1% and one world government. Can you get your mind around a one world government with Hillary at the wheel? That would upset my tummy.


And I totally missed the white helmet in the photo. The "White Helmets" are USA and UK funded group run by an American with the stated purpose of rescue and disposal of dead bodies. What it really does is propaganda. That propaganda is designed to effect you all, the American public.

Omran the boy in the orange seat was a white helmet show and it played well in the news. Everyone knows that Trump does not care for the war in the ME so he can be seen as weak if small injured boys appear all over the news. As you all probably know TPTB do want Hillary and to have her continue the fight. Remember the war on terrorism. How interesting that the white helmets show up here in an article about the f*****up UN.

By the way the person who did the photo of Omran is named Raslan. He is part of a group that just cut the head off a 12 year old boy. He filmed it. Isn't it nice to know where your tax money goes?


Why doesn't the UN ask the U.S to remove it's troops from Syrian soil and stop funding terrorist death squads in contravention of international law?


Cynical but true. I thought this this tragedy all started with the horrible abuses by Assad and his goons. Lets remember Assad started out by terrorizing the Syrian citizens. IOW the Syrian leader began this mess. I'm not for all the attacks on innocent people by any means but lets remember the origin of the bloody conflict. Put the blame where it belongs. I wis there was a possiblity of peace talk to end this bloody war.


Because the UN is in the pocket of the U.S. The UN won't be able to get anything done if they don't get the approval of the rulers of the New World Order.


Yes the Syrian situation is a massacre While I still believe the troubles
started with the abuses of Assad to his people , I thought of how ISIS and
other terrorist groups are adding to the untenable situation


Thanks for acknowledging sometimes I am correct You are too with your
statements about psychopaths. I get the feeling you are right on on many
of your opinions.
Your friend