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UN Calls for Psychiatric Evaluation After Duterte Puts Top Human Rights Expert on 'Hit List'


UN Calls for Psychiatric Evaluation After Duterte Puts Top Human Rights Expert on 'Hit List'

Julia Conley, staff writer

The United Nations human rights chief suggested that Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte's mental health should be evaluated after the authoritarian leader included a U.N. official on what Human Rights Watch has called a "government hit list" of alleged terrorists.


Seems to me they could have been asking this question a few years ago when he started killing drug users indiscriminately. Just saying. Same thing we in the US should be asking every day about our own ‘dear leader’.


Isn’t Duterte one of our “dear leader’s” favorite tyrants ?


It is easy to understand why this cretin is Trumps favorite leader(?). He is able to do what Trump can only dream about doing. Maybe they could share a cell in Guantanamo and cuddle.


Duterte and Kim Jong-un seem to have a lot in common. You don’t ask terrorists to moderate their language and actions. They’re not terrorists if they’re moderate.


Filipinos must depose this psycho-killer nut bag toot sweet! The destruction to Philippine society by Duterte & co will last for decades if there isn’t a purge of his right-wing fascist regime! Duterte follows the path of Philippine dictators Ferdie & Imelda Marcos, a long lie of corrupt killer swine!
I wonder where the duterte apologist or troll propagandist that posted here is these days? How’s that dictatorship murderer thug doing in the popularity polls now SB?


Duterte is another vile character who the left cryptically and sometimes not-so cryptically supported. He was a “man of the ordinary worker” as opposed to the various Hillary-like neoliberals who ran against him…


Horxeshit!!! He was mayor and killed from the beginning. No one in the center-right, even OhBummer, supported TurDee. Since Marcos, The Alphabets in the U.S. have tried to keep The Philippines a shxthole country. And, with TurDee and his strong-arm crew brought to power, their bucket finally scraped the bottom of the outhouse floor.
Even Anthony Bourdain couldn’t find anything to like about this Phillopino Pig.


The only difference between them is a weird hairdo.


No mystery as to why the fascist dickhead Trump loves this guy.


Please point to me any statement by any “leftist” who has supported this jerk cryptically or otherwise. I’m happy to call that person out as well, if he/she exists. Just trying to help you make your point there Yunzer.


A lot of people on the left have a poor memory. In the run up to his election, quite a few leftists supported him in the same cryptic way they supported Trump. Duterte was “anti-neoliberal establishment” - in the same way they think the bloodthirsty Assad (who is way ahead of Duterte in the crimes against humanity department) and Putin are.

Note that by “leftist” I mean so-called leftist. The real left went pretty much extinct with the collapse of the global economic jsutice movement in the early 00’s. What passes for the “left” nowadays is a sort of insular economic nationalism with big helpings of aluminum foil for the hats…


Man I don’t get it. For someone who ultimately sticks up for establishment Democrats, you really are almost the last person on this forum to counsel anyone on whom constitutes a true “left”.

Again, I guess I have a poor memory concerning people on this forum defending that jerk in the Philippines.

But hey, I’m an “extreme leftist”, and question 9/11.

So there!!!

By the way, I recycle my tin foil hattery by baking potatoes with it. Helps me justify not owning a scooter.


We cannot talk about these 2 murderous slime balls without talking about the War on Drugs, and for how long this nation has followed the the dangling carrot, lulled along by the mantra of prohibitionists leaders “Get tough on Crime” (Just don’t ask us what that means in detail).
These are the 7 areas of almost incalculable costs to the general welfare of those in War on Drugs Prohibitionist countries.

  • Undermining development and security, fueling conflict
  • Threatening public health, spreading disease and death
  • Undermining human rights
  • Promoting stigma and discrimination
  • Creating crime, enriching criminals
  • Deforestation and pollution
  • Wasting billions on drug law enforcement

You can send the following link to your senators and representatives. Notice that while the UN seeks to prevent deaths from a hit list, they still stick to the failed promise of creating a drug free world and support worldwide the War on Drugs, and in their annual report the UN does not include the above costs, which justifies the additional work and research within The Alternative World Drug Report, 2nd edition



There must be a word for people who are terrorists but they call other people terroriststs.
Or even more blatant, people who are terrorists but call observers and law enforcement people terrorists.

G.W. Bush did a lot of this. Right wingers often do it.

Duterte is certainly bloodthirsty and he revels in being so ___________ [word?]

It is like “the pot calling the kettle black”.

Not exactly ironical, not really mockery or sarcastic… "

They are aggravating" for sure, but that isn’t the definition, just the effect on logical people.


This guy should have been sidelined years ago. And what about Assad?


The article failed to mention that Duterte has also repeatedly bragged - on TV no less - about PERSONALLY committing murder of multiple individuals. What an amazing world we live in. We condemn Ghadafi and Saddam Hussein and other “evil dictators” (i.e., those who try to nationalize their oil fields, or sell their oil in currency other than the U.S. Dollar) of “human rights violations” and make sure they die horrible deaths, but this evil thug gets away with thousands of extrajudicial murders, and even threatening to kill a UN leader. No wonder he is admired - hell, fawned over - by Trump. He is literally everything Trump wants to be, with power even greater than Trump’s. Trump may be able to claim he COULD murder someone and get away with it, while remaining in power, but Duterte has actually done it.