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UN Ceasefire Defines War As a Non-Essential Activity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/10/un-ceasefire-defines-war-non-essential-activity

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Will you help ask all the warring parties, if they will lay down their arms and begin a new abundant future as equal financiers of our global economic system?

Will each individual set aside the greavous harms visited upon them, to go forward as structurally equal owners of the global human labor futures market?

Will we accept a simple rule to correct the current inequitable process of money creation that enslaves humanity to Empire?

All sovereign debt (money creation) shall be financed with equal quantum Shares of global fiat credit, held in trust with local deposit banks, administered by local fiduciaries and actuaries exclusively for secure sovereign investment at a fixed and sustainable rate, as part of an actual local social contract.

Bond and exchange markets become entirely unnecessary, repalced with ubiquitous local access to affordable, fixed cost, fixed value, fixed exchange money for secure investment, globally, proportional to population.

Which we desperately need, to clean up the mess, locally, globally.

Without significant disruption, existing sovereign debt may be repaid with new, stable, globally accepted money, and we each begin to get paid, at a significantly reduced cost.

Each community may devise a local social contract, including our equal economic enfranchisement, and any regional and national provisions. Then have access to sovereign rate, money creation loans for secure investment, in infrastructure, home, farm, or secure interest in employment.

A Share valuation of a million, and a sovereign rate of 1.25%, establishes a stable, sustainable, regenerative, inclusive, abundant, and ethical global economic system, with mathematical certainty.

I’ve been waiting too long for dispute of that claim to question it in my own mind, anymore.

Always a joy to see your smiling face, thanks for your kind indulgence,



“These reckless guidelines were not issued to protect workers, but rather to ensure the continuity of business profits.”
—Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO

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North America belief that it is an exceptional nation, as an exceptional nation is above the law, and above international law. So as exceptional nation, USA has the right to interfere in another nations borders, domestic affairs, and even, has the right to steal other nation wealth and natural resources. If US wants something we taken. To accomplish its imperialist hegemonic expansion, USA need mobilize its economy toward war; cutting budget for CDC, National health programs, to Biomedical research and others relevant health program. Total mobilization of USA economy toward militarism it is the essence and the viewpoint of US government and both parties Dem and Republican embrace the same ideology of war and not peace is the norm, no peace is even desirable condition. All cease-fire Is sabotage, undermine, violated by USA.

War is the definition of insanity ,doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

Only a primitive species would do this …

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If it takes a global pandemic to finally stop the madness, the inexcusable madness of war?SO BE IT!!!Geez. Its not "manly"to kill human beings. And as far as that OLD insult against women, that women are “emotional”. WTAF is more emotional than killing other people?KILLING them. There is nothing in terms of disputes at this stage of our "evolution"that justifies killing innocent human beings. And we all know, that combatants wont just go to an island somewhere and kill each other. Nope, they gonna kill everyone indiscriminately and FFS, its got to stop! I signed the petition, as I have signed so many before…but this time?Let us all hope that it really is the death knell for WAR.
As Bertrand Russell said so long ago:
“War does not prove who is right, only who is left” Peace!The final frontier. Lets do this.
I’m already against the next war!Peace!In our time!Why TAF not?

Some more great points made by madea benjamin!