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UN Chief Pleads for Stronger Climate Policies to End 'Suicidal' Addiction to Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/un-chief-pleads-stronger-climate-policies-end-suicidal-addiction-fossil-fuels

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Ralph Waldo Emerson taught me through his brilliant essays that my footsteps should be filled with humility and not arrogance. Lightly, I have tried to carry myself across the Planet after his schooling. Later I came upon an aphorism of Francis Bacon: “Nature, to be commanded, must first be obeyed.” Oh, how I treasure the wisdom of my elders.


Corporate greed, which includes all politicians addicted to corporate patronage, is stronger than sense and science, so it overcomes their survival instinct.

As a protest sign held by a 20-something person said: “You will die of old age. We will die of climate change.”

The cost of mitigating the Climate Crisis is far less than the cost of NOT doing anything significant, estimated in the tens of trillions of dollars.

Rising seas will inundate coastal cities worldwide.

Droughts, floods, and other extreme weather caused by global heating will cause famines and starvation.

Hundreds of millions of people displaced by the Climate Emergency will become refugees looking for places to live, resulting in mass civil unrest and collapsing economies and governments worldwide.

Future generations matter far less than short-term profits to corporate CEO’s and their servants in politics and media, so our grandchildren are doomed by the ongoing, accelerating Sixth Great Extinction.


Great speech from Guterres. Thankyou CD for posting this.

According to the report, “over 50 million people have been doubly hit [in 2020]: by climate-related disasters (floods, droughts, and storms) and the Covid-19 pandemic.” Guterres emphasized that “the impacts fall most heavily on the world’s most vulnerable people.”

“Those who have done the least to cause the problem are suffering the most,” the U.N. leader pointed out, including in the deeply unequal developed world where “the marginalized are the first victims of disasters and the last to recover.”

Then there’s Californians and Australians, who might be complicit in the carbon bacchanal ringing an incendiary final curtain down upon their lands. Four million acres, four percent of California, burned this year. If wildfire acreage keeps doubling like this, we won’t make it much farther.

Like the rain, climate-driven destruction falls down upon the deserving and undeserving alike.

lots of suicidal policies to go around. elites flirting with global revolt just to snare that extra nickel.

yet too many of us still can’t imagine an unbranded, publicly owned world.

the addiction we need most to break is the addiction to capital. without that, nothing else good will follow.

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Neither we, being the great masses of Mother Earth’s people. nor our grandchildren need be doomed unless we allow ourselves to be. We can change how we live. Now is the time.

Jebus, you’re talking to someone who kicked nicotine, here – and that’s practically impossible. Four out of five heroin addicts agree: Tobacco is extratough to kick. (I’ll admit a global pandemic helped me over the last hump.) Compared to freaking cigarettes (honestly!), capital doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult an addiction to leave behind.

I never much understood the attraction of either, truth be told, but the cigarettes sure got their hooks into me more deeply. I’d suggest alternative addictions. Lately it’s been better food than anyone else can prepare, with special care to ingredients which make all the difference like purple kale, heirloom beans, bitter melon (handle with care!), taro root, elephant garlic… yum!!!

Good lovin’ when you can find it is always nice. This morning I heard a disturbing report from a Covid long-hauler, who says a huge number of people who initially thought their bout with Covid was no big deal have been left with permanent disability. Not severe cases, no big deal cases, leading to permanent multiple organ damage (especially vascular). It’s a scary, impermanent world, in which our responsibility to enjoy each day as much as we can while we can, despite it all, becomes more urgent every day.

Yessir! I’ll take eating good food as an alternative to trying to eat capital or even gold anytime… especially at dinner time.
Scrooge was beholden to capital. He enjoyed the power it gave him over the poor and ordinary working people, such as employee Bob Cratchet. I feel a bit sorry for capitalists as they live in the midst of us. Though some share a bit of their wealth with the less fortunate, were they genuinely altruistic, no poverty would exist on Earth. that is the measure of our present disparity. As it was for Scrooge, so it might be a bit unsettling for the rich that all are mortal, all will face a conscious Creator who has a record of their entire lives.

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This wont change until people get good and scared. By then it will be too late and the earth will go through a massive die off as it heats up to God knows what temperature with all the positive feedback loops.

This thing is destined to cull humanity. Maybe if anyone is left to contemplate the ruins we will make another run at it eventually.

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Nice !

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