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UN Climate Report on Oceans, Frozen Regions Warns 'Unprecedented Transitions in All Aspects of Society' Needed to Sustain Life on Earth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/25/un-climate-report-oceans-frozen-regions-warns-unprecedented-transitions-all-aspects

Impeachment is just a minor side show compared to this.


Mother Earth has clearly called for impeachment of the Global Human Establishment.


Do you see anything that needs to done being done? Do you see people moving away from the shore lines around the globe? Do you see people stopping slash and burn in Africa, Asia and South America? I am sorry, very sorry but these are pipe dreams, a bill of goods being sold so you won’t panic right now OOOOO but you wait, you will. Trust me. Here is a link, just one, spend time here and find out what is happening with water all over the globe.



One thing that is missing from all these reports is…life will continue in some form or other. It’s only homo sap and the world as we currently know it that will end. Gaia is endlessly creative. She tried the large-brained life form, and found out it was a mistake. Evolution did not end with homo sapiens. It’s ongoing, and we painted ourselves into a corner, an evolutionary dead end. The fact that our cultures are not changing in response to a threat proves it.


Gosh, what a surprise, James Hansen and the rest of the scientists have been right all along. Anyone still denying global warming probably doesn’t believe Trump conspired with the Russians either.


Unfortunately, Homo sapiens will be leaving behind a huge mess for Gaia to deal with. Whatever survives, and I believe there will be a small number of them (cockroaches perhaps), will be heavily influenced by the toxic soup environment that will prevail for millenniums.


Not to dismiss what you say about priorities–or about Twump–but it doesn’t have to be either/or. We have these cool opposable thumbs and these big frontal cortexes, so we can address both man-made global warming and the unstable non-genius-in-the-White-House problem simultaneously. People expressing a preference for pursuing one goal or the other could as easily be ones who simply know their own strengths and weaknesses as they might be Trump trolls.


we’ve been warned, and though more are listening, the great bulk of humanity and most corporations even though they hear the warnings are unwilling to make significant enough changes, many don’t want to make any changes! Maybe live it up while you still can is the best approach


I realise we need to do all possible to avert the worst case scenario and pull an “all hands on deck” action plan on a global scale. But I am just not optimistic at all about any action taken and especially of the dire outcome for Humanity and all life. I’m curious if my “Debbie Downer” (non scientifically based) timeline will play out where there will widespread global panic in the 2020’s and the collapse of human civilisation by the end of the 2030’s. Human extinction by mid-century. :frowning:


The issue is not the either or. The issue is the media will focus on the impeachment proceedings keeping the truth of what happens to the environment out of the news cycle.


“Impeachment is just a minor side show compared to this”
Is it? The president of the most powerful nation on earth , denies that the planet is ill and then systematically removes as many protections as possible and gives free reign to the gas and oil industry as well as other known polluters , is a VERY BIg deal.


I haven’t read the report itself yet. From summaries I’ve scoured, I detect something notable indeed seems to be completely unnoted, even to the extent of physical absurdity. The report makes not the slightest reference I can find to the most important issue: what are the tipping points, how close are they? (I suspect too many scientists are quietly convinced by the evidence we’re well past them to even open a discussion on the issue. I remember when Climate Science had something to do with tipping points.)

The question underlying that question: Is the global climate system in the midst of an irreversible phase-shift, right now? Let’s let go of the “oh, you can’t tell people that” playing possum attitude, and speak of what’s what (like freaking grownups) for a moment, okay? That’s what we expect from scientific reports.

“This particular report wasn’t focused on that,” they’ll tell me. I’m still waiting for the particular report focusing on that, because the other reports are mere distractions from that one, it’s so important. Instead, witness this dense fog of silence swallowing all talk of tipping points, anymore.

Instead witness physical absurdities such as projections of having X number of Blue Ocean Events per century, as we see in this report. The very figure is a fantasy, sheltering behind incomprehensible obliviousness to what a BOE (an “ice-free Arctic ocean”) even means. It really is difficult for me to picture the mindset of an adult scientist who can compile such ludicrous figures.

Trivially ludicrous, because we know the albedo (reflectance) transition from white ice to dark water is the biggest tipping point out there. And the official launch of that boat?

Let me put it this way: If you think the weather is crazy down here, you ought to check out the turmoil happening in Arctic skies lately. The cork is coming off, and we really don’t know what-all’s coming out. That’s what science has a responsibility to tell us, today.


One thing for sure is that plenty of CH4 (methane) is coming out of the proverbial cork!


No, that’s not for sure, not yet from the Arctic, at least. Accuracy in matters such as the health of the planet is important to serious people, so I have to say I watch methane quite closely, and there’s no evidence of a northern accelleration of CH4 ppb. Not from the global network of atmospheric monitoring stations, which does point to an accelleration of CH4 further south – probably from fracking.

I’m not dismissing the big burp as a serious concern. But I grow weary of hearing people say it’s already started. (You didn’t really do that in your post, but it could be interpreted that way.)

Show me the data, I say.

I’m sorry but he thinks his world view is right.
For it has been said;
“No one does anything wrong given their model of the world .”

Do you think the rich and powerful elites in control care about ordinary people .
We let 650 children die every hour on this planet while 8 of us have more wealth than 3.5 billion of us .
Why have we got here ?
Our Cultural Story has never been seriously challenged. We will have zero progress on anything if we do not change this. Create a New Story to guide our species .
This is the key to global climate change, poverty ,inequality our continuing use of trying to solve problems with more violence as if we haven’t had enough !
Time to Awaken The Species.
A New guiding principle of a very very old Spiritual truth …We Are All One .
This is our only hope Obi…One .


I’ve read numerous articles citing increasing CH4 release in the Arctic. Granted, the “big burp” hasn’t happened yet. But don’t you agree that levels are rising (with all due respect)?


Those articles would need to account for the lack of any such accellerating increase noted by the most reliable high north monitors on Earth, wouldn’t they? Go look at the data for yourself and tell me how that jibes with what you’ve read:

Earth Systems Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division

I’ve been careful to refer to accelleration, which is what we’d expect to see from the big burp. My eye detects such an accelleration (the upward curve turning even more upward) at around the beginning of 2018, but only in lower stations, such as the most venerable one: Mauna Loa. (Many disagree with my perception there.)

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I agree ,but it’s a Spiritual solution that creates the space for this too happen.
When we come from Oneness of Life and our blessed selves the board will naturally 're set itself and the peices of life will begin to move for the highest good of all and our Mother Earth .
We will know that everything is connected and with wisdom and clarity the ultimate truth : that what you do to others ,you do to yourself,that the pain if others is your pain,and the joy of others your joy,and that when you disclaim any part of it,you disclaim a part of yourself.
Time to reclaim yourself as you who you really are and render yourself visible.
Indivisible from Life and each other .

I’m not even sure how long we’ve been monitoring methane levels. Sea ice images via satelite have only been recorded since 1979. The changing arctic environment and ensuing monitoring is very new, for sure.