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UN Commission: Israeli Occupation "Major Obstacle" Women's Rights In Palestine


UN Commission: Israeli Occupation "Major Obstacle" Women's Rights In Palestine

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women passed a resolution on Friday condemning the Israeli occupation as imposing a "grave situation" on Palestinian women.


Oh, dear! Another one of those ‘biased’ reports.

Thank goodness the US stands ready to thwart all criticism of the MIC’s favorite customer.

This is good news but we’ve been here before.



Whatever may or may not happen in other cultures is irrelevant to the subject of this report.

Besides, the behaviors that you describe have already been documented and condemned.

By the way, the look-what-others-do defense is an old one that has never worked.

Perhaps the US should take the billions that it give to Israel and apply it to those other issues.



It is clear that the Republican US and right-wing Israel need to be stopped from their destruction of Gaza and the West Bank. Time for the rest of the world to show some charity and humanity toward the genocide in Gaza. Clearly the US can not be trusted due to its capture by a few billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who also fund the same politics in Israel.


ISRAELI women, not Palestinian ones. That these empowered Israeli women stand by without protest while their fellow-country women are slaughtered makes them as reprehensible as the men who ordered the kills and carried them out.


“Sponsored by the Palestinian and South African delegates, the motion passed 27 to two, with the U.S. and Israel voting against and 13 European Union members abstaining.”: Too bad that delegates from the USA who represent First Nations and black folks were not sponsors and too bad one may well be left wondering why men and children were not included except in passing and if this be a women’s issue then the oppression of women the world over should have been included. How soon we forget not only the Middle East and Africa but huge numbers of women are raped and murdered in Mexico, on Pine Ridge Reservation, Canadian First Nations women and India for example. The Israeli crimes against Palestinians are against all Palestinians as were the crimes against First Nation and black people in the USA.


Not the ones dying Gaza.

There’s a lot of “flavours” to “Arab”. Saudi “Arab” women in Israel? Jordanian “Arab” women in Israel? From places where “Arab” women are not even allowed to drive or show their faces in public?

You originally opined what could only be interpreted as ISRAELI women. Not indefinable “Arab women in Israel”.

Nice try.


No actually it is the brutal oppression of Palestinians that drive us crazy. Not all Jews are as callous as you.


So we are to believe that you actually care about those women, when you apparently don’t give a flying cluck when little Palestinian girls’ heads are flung far from their torsos by indiscriminate bombing of a population fenced in with no escape?


Twenty percent of the Israeli population are Palestinian Arabs, but I don’t know where JH gets his info that they are rich, educated and free. Max Blumenthal, who did extensive research in Israel in recent years, witnessing events and interviewing dozens of people from all ethnicities, has documented the plight of Israeli Arab citizens, and they certainly aren’t free, nor equal with Jewish Israelis. Blumenthal doesn’t mention interviewing any rich, educated Arab women, but maybe that’s because they were busy enjoying their freedom and wealth by packing up and moving out of their ancestral homes because the Israeli government has demanded that area be used for building Jewish-only housing.


That level of hypocrisy takes some chutzpah.


typical man worried more about other womens sexual parts than the 500 children that perished. Nothing describes you but a cad and monster.


Not all Muslims are jihadist you freaking idiot. like not all catholic priest are child molesters. idiot.


Actually if you read other reports by the UN, these issues are addressed. It just so happens Israel has joined the ranks of degenerate states who abuse women of other ethnicities and deprive them of their rights. It is exactly appropriate that they be called out on their behaviors. The fact that the US voted against it is another black mark on a country sliding down the slippery slope to perdition.


The subject is Palestine, so why should we be looking at Yemen? Was it yet another Israeli false flag?


Jerry Yemen is not Gaza.


I’ve been googling to try and find what the U.N. had to say–if anything–when Jordan occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but am unable to turn up anything. However, when Jordan was in control, it expelled the Jews and restricted what Christians could do. I wonder if the U.N. passed a resolution about the ethnic cleansing of Jewish women and the anti-Christian restrictions on Christian women? Somehow I don’t think so…


The Zionist Israelis will not stop until the Palestinians are purged, removed, expelled, or obliterated and all in their way regardless of age or sex will be targeted: “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” Israel Koenig, “The Koenig Memorandum.”

This from Wikipedia: “The Koenig Memorandum (also known as The Koenig Report) was a confidential and internal Israeli government document authored in April 1976 by Yisrael Koenig, a member of the Alignment (then the ruling party), who served as the Northern District Commissioner of the Ministry of the Interior for 26 years.[1][2]”

Any other number of Zionist Israeli leaders are equally brutal in their rhetoric advocating absolute elimination of the Palestinians.