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UN Condemns US Drone Strike in Afghanistan That Killed 15 Civilians


UN Condemns US Drone Strike in Afghanistan That Killed 15 Civilians

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan killed at least 15 civilians on Wednesday, drawing United Nations condemnation and calls for an independent probe into the attack.


Global condemnation of our (less than) 'sanitary' war methods is altering the notion of the US as the 'good guys'. Maybe, eventually, it will alter our own (government) perception of our 'role' in the world. Those of us who post here already know that we are the Bully. Many around the world see us the same way. UN condemnation will hopefully, eventually, bring that reality home to 'we the people'.


This is why Obama vetoed the "Suit the Terrorists Bill". He'd be in the same docket with the Saudis.


Obama called this the "good" war. I wonder if he polished his medal before approving this strike?


And we continue to win hearts and minds...


Hillary, "I want to make sure that every child has the opportunity to grow up and reach their full potential."
Except, of course, the children in the Middle East.


This is why we must vote for Jill Stein. The Clinton/Bush syndicate must be defeated once andfor all. The republicans (bless their little hearts) already struck a blow at the Bush half . Yes Trump is scary but is he actually worse than what we are already doing? Voting for Stein is a win win. You get to vote for someone who really cares about Americans and the world we live in and it can help push the Clintons out the door. It won't be easy to take our government back but a first step is saying NO to the Clintons.


True, and beyond that Obama needs to be sued for murdering innocent people and should be indicted for being a war criminal. Obama's veto shows he cares about his culpability and has no empathy for all the innocent civilians he has murdered.


The drone strikes and bombings are totally out of control. What is the US/NATO fighting for again? It certainly is not for people.


A child confronts Obama about his drone killing in a haunting animation: http://earthens.net/#collateral_damage


Never, ever, support in any way war criminals, that means Vote Jill Stein, and Green all the way!


This kind of condemnation has been a long time coming, but maybe it's the first baby step in trying to push the MIC out of power. Now they need to do the same thing to the war crimes in Yemen that the US is complicit in instead of giving Saudi Arabia the green light.


George W Bush to the UN when he was building support for the invasion of Iraq, “Get on board or become irrelevant”.


Thanks C/Dreams for yet another great article. Yes, absolutely agree, there needs to be an independent probe regarding this attack.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for all life and the environment.


How do we demand that these bombings be a subject in the ongoing candidates' debates? Another question = Is the American military achieving our political objectives.


If the political objective is to create "terrorists" then the USA is doing an excellent job.


Apparently this is what "makes America great" and "a force for good in the world" even as the Russians bombing Civilians are evil to these self proclaimed "leaders of the free world".

In the USA , amongst its leaders , they have people that still claim even after Airstrike number one thousand two hundred and twenty five that has killed Civilians that "They take such things seriously and will review the matter"

I am sure they will conclude that EMAIL went down again.


Yes, they are! Except their political, objectives to manufacture enemies, are not our objectives!


Especially our "freedom" to kill them with impunity ...


Let's hope so, along with Bush, Clinton (both), et.al ....