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UN Council Approves French Resolution for 'All Necessary Measures' Against ISIS


UN Council Approves French Resolution for 'All Necessary Measures' Against ISIS

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The United Nations security council has unanimously approved France's resolution to take "all necessary measures" against the Islamic State (ISIS) and urged all able member states to join in the fight.

The 15-member panel adopted the resolution Friday after the French government called for "merciless" military action against the militant group following the attacks in Paris which killed 130 people.


They just gave themselves carte blanche to take whatever steps they feel appropriate to further their own interests, in the typical zero-sum blow matching blow drag down fight that has characterized the historical approach to conflict. The ironic part is the UN's condemnation of whomever is financing these rogues, and who has armed them. There the finger can be pointed straight at the US, since we have provided ample modern armaments even if inadvertently. If I were a Syrian civilian, I would be beating feet out of there since they are going to reduce it to a moonscape.


And yet, what should be done, if not military action? And when?


Nor do I. The latest issue of Time now is now declaring "World War ISIS" on its cover. The media continues its role in advancing war around the globe.


Y'got my vote! I'll not only march in that parade, I'll help carry a banner.

But in default of that, what?


That's certainly easy to do and nearly cost-free, for those of us living in safety -- but is it enough?

During WW2, there was a faction --Theo Geisel ("Dr Seuss") criticised them in cartoons-- who said that it wasn't the US's business to meddle in Europe or Asia, that we should stand back and not interfere with Germany and Japan as they conquered weaker countries and put in puppet governments (the unspoken implication was that we had puppets set up in the Americas, so fair's fair).


The problem is we've already interfered and stirred up a hornet's nest. Quit making "regime change" the goal for every country you want absolute control over. That would go a loooong ways towards a beginning out of this mess.




Interesting permission slip for everyone to join in the already extraordinary goatf*ck that is Syria-Iraq. Syriaq?

In any event, the UN might have at least taken the time to also admonish member states from attempting to topple other members governments and thus give operating space to jihadis.

This is a bullsh*t resolution; posturing as much as anything. The states that can interfere already are, but for their own interests, not that of the international community.

Hollande can now be seen as having "done something" to respond. Goody for him. And nothing else changes, other than the extra pr value of UN cover for what's already happening.

In a dream I had I imagined how long it would take to arrest and judge every individual on earth who has made a career out of snuffing out the lives of others for fun, profit, and a god. I died of old age somewhere in the middle of the proceedings.

This species needs a massive enema at the top and we need it now.


Hello nottheonly1,

If we want to apply Love rather than just talk about it, we can't afford the luxury of despair.

It's good to have a plan. Or to quote Gandhi again:

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.”


Nothing like a good cliche to preface approval for more death and destruction, at the end of the day. Restoring the territories of Iraq and Syria would necessitate pushing the US and its allies out, or does the US own such territory since invading both countries.

From a sociocultural standpoint, a recognition that truth and justice require a consistency of principle is required i.e., not pretending that the nation you live in hasn't in large part created "the problem" to begin with.

And of course from a sociocultural standpoint it is necessary to regard the left as not justifying acts of terror when they point out that State terror is not justified either.

Thanks Matt for corn-sidering my point of view. I'm simply making an argument here and not attacking you personally, as you know full well that I love you very much. Not an icky-sticky love, but just a one with humanity kind o' psychedelic love.



There are days I'd swear you take even more drugs than I do.


Ah well,

It's OK if we disagree. To me, love means that I will rush into the fire to pull my loved one out. Or, more every day, listen to her and respond considerately even if what she's saying might be something of a pain.
If love is only a feeling, it's not much use, in my opinion.

But what is really important to me here, is what kind of mental attitude does one need to be an effective activist. That's a question I'm still working on.

And I am glad to read you ideas.


ISIL is just a Jr. version of it's parent infection Saudi Arabia. Same sharia law enforcers. The only difference is that Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy with a King and aristocracy and ISIL is a rogue State with the same religious police. ISIL is our enemy because it's not our ally and business partner not because it's killing and terrorizing people. The Saudis are doing all that in the name of Islam on a daily basis and have been for a century. If they didn't have the OIL and the cash we wouldn't even have relations with them or we'd be bombing them instead.


Since Russia has entered the fray, some things have changed. The Syrian army has regained some territory, and some of the "moderate" rebel groups are willing to talk to representatives of the Assad regime. The Russians seem willing to compromise on keeping Assad on indefinitely. There has been a conference of twenty states who have skin in the game, and Obama and Putin have had direct conversations about the crisis.Meanwhile, the Paris atrocities have focused international attention on the problem that ISIS poses.The Russians and the French are now working together "like allies", as Putin put it, to coordinate their bombing. No, don't bomb the shit out of everyone. Bomb the shit out of ISIS.


That reminds me of a remark by JK Galbraith at a lecture I attended years ago: "If it weren't for the oil, Saudi Arabia would sink into the obscurity it so richly deserves."


Saudi Arabia is an extreme version of Islam at it's worst as regards human rights. It's kind of sad it happened to be sitting ( shitting) on top of the biggest pool of OIL on Earth. Not only is it at the center of a human rights "black hole" but it is also ground zero for the planetary meltdown of AGW. Is this a coincidence? In any event having friends and allies like SA is like our friendship with Franco Spain and other anti-Communist Fascist and authoritarian Dictatorships all over the planet these last 75 yrs. It's ugly and hypocritical and has degraded any moral or ethical positions we preach to the world.


It all started when the Brits switched from coal to oil for their warships. Then along came mass automobile production. WW1 aircraft were still using bean oil, for the most part.


"Action born out of the feeling of Love."

Wonderful. We aspire to the same state of being.

And by the way, what is the title of your book? I'd love to see it.


The Saudis heading UN comission on human rights a cruel joke indeed.
Or should I say beheading the human rights commision---would be more apt.
Saudis fund Isis & cut more heads than Isis does.