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UN Expert Decries Global Assault on Freedom of Expression


UN Expert Decries Global Assault on Freedom of Expression

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Governments are treating words as weapons," a United Nations expert has warned, previewing a report on the global attack on the freedom of expression.

The report, based on communications with governments stemming from allegations of human rights law violations—reveal "sobering" trends of threats worldwide and "how policies and laws against terrorism and other criminal activity risk unnecessarily undermining the media, critical voices, and activists."


Speaking of "they," "they" were all gathered in a big room last night in New York City.
Hillary and Trump both attended the Alfred E. Neuman dinner.
What an appropriate venue for these two nitwits.


Military empires like the United States slide deeper into totalitarian backroom centralized control as propaganda supporting official reality gradually becomes heartfelt belief among brainwashed politicians and their police.

This is not a new story. Greece and Rome collapsed under the deficit spending yoke of eternal war fought for the security of mom and apple pie. Collapse happens to every government that supports dictatorship, as the US does.

Collapse of governments which restrict inter-citizen information flow cannot be avoided. A day eventually arrives when the distributed intelligence of the citizens can no longer be assessed except through the lens of propaganda reality. At that point governments become too stupid to exist and force the people to select someone like Hillary Clinton, a person so stupid as to publicly support a no fly zone and safe zones in Syria, or, someone like Donald Trump who obviously has not had time to read a book in many years.

Restriction of speech by a government is a clear symptom it is soon to veer off in idiotic pursuits, like picking a fight with Russians instead of the usual weak women preoccupied by children and defended by unarmed men. Brave US generals and politicians usually attack the weak and innocent. This time their own propaganda has convinced themselves that Russia is ripe for regime change.


I hope nothing comes of this:




Will Obama and Clinton soon be telling us David Kaye is one of Putin's buddies being paid to disrupt election 2016 ?


Neither. Diagnose with occasional to rare prescription.


Point taken. Very interesting. Also made me chuckle aloud.


mmmm... interesting.. So, You are so right... U.S. citizens.. IDOLIZE the rich... there lies the major obstacle to getting through... about almost anything that will help them..


Hey Common Dreams, Gary Webb calling, its the CIA, Contras, and Crack Cocaine! Delete, delete, delete......?


British police are not going to invade the Ecuadorean Embassy.


Well of course, the deep state and .gov already have a state sponsored propaganda wing in the MSM. The NWO of things wants to keep the goods in a few of the “right” hands. Large corporations exist by profiting off the taxpayer.

The MSM wants no alternative view points. They would not touch climate change in the debates. Its good for business to limit other news sources including eye witnesses. The MSM can work with corporations to demonize protestors and idealize bulldozer operators with firemen and police. Calling it the rule of law as they see it.

All they want is for you to kneel and give them your money from now on.

Here is one way of looking at it. It contains very colorful language. If you are uncomfortable with colorful language skip it.


Until the unknown knowns are known, what will we know that is true? Who tells the truth? The real skinny, the thin truth? I can understand wanting to know what is really true; just the facts, please. But, since the power, and success, of large institutions or enterprises is dependant upon bending the will, to increase the chances of gaining large advantages, everything told to us must be measured and weighed. So, here's the truth: Stay Clear, Stay Strong, Stay Clean & Vote Stein/Green in 2016. Real journalists, bloggers, and the true smart set will recognize your true intentions immediately.:wink:


If they would've included Gary Johnson, they could have attended the Larry-Curly-and Moe Dinner.

What a freak show!

You call this Democracy?


No mention of blasphemy laws? They are pervasive throughout much of the Islamic world.


Aren't you kind of blaming the puppets instead of the puppeteers?


It's called "Idiocracy" and the transformation is almost complete.


This may be the most important video you watch today:



The same people that hate Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Eric Snowden and hated JFK,MLK, RFK and Paul Wellstone!


This is the new era we are entering. The oligarchs don't like bad publicity and the National Security State doesn't want us to know anything except what it wants us to know. The mainstream media has been fully coopted. Even much of the right-wing media. As we are seeing, any media sources outside of that are liable to be suppressed, vilified, or otherwise dealt with. Democracy Now, the Rt Network, Wikileaks, and so on.

Ad now we are about to elect Hillary Clinton. Expect more of the same. And it will gradually worsen. As political dissent widens, expect to see more militarized police forces confronting peaceful protestors both here and in Europe, Australia, etc. Expect to see leaders of political dissent, and journalists outside the state's control, harassed or worse. As America's drive for global hegemonic domination continues, and faces increasing resistance, political dissent and the government's reaction to it will only grow worse.

Once the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA have all become law, covering most of what used to be the free, prosperous, capitalistic democracies of the world, we will likely enter a transitional period which will be the beginning of the end of the age of democracy.


Recently, we have been subjected to the most brazen display of news manipulation I have experienced in my 71 years of life. I am talking now about both coverage of both Democratic and Republican primaries and the ongoing general election. Of course there are many other examples including the push to mold opinion on the investigation into 911 and the response to it in Afghanistan an Iraq which has led to an acceptance of those illegal wars and the seemingly endless state of illegal wars our government is now consolidating. Of course the slaughter of Bernie Sanders' campaign by Clinton and her machine is now well known and treated by the press as being accepted by his voters. Even Bernie has apparently given in and has become part of the conspiracy to numb the citizenry into accepting corrupted elections as a part of a peaceful transfer of power in our democracy. What is ommitted by the MSM is equally complicit in assisting government, so far, into a peaceful Constitutional transfer of power from we the people to a form of government that history will describe as fascist. The duty and responsibility of the press as a Constitutionally established "fourth estate" has been purchased by the oligarchs as a tool of this transfer of power rather than a guard against government assuming unchallenged power and becoming a cancer on society. Yes, people around the world hate our freedom. They hate our government's ability to bomb the world to pieces and a seemingly complicit citizenry in allowing it. Now that complicit citizenry is getting a taste of what happens to an idle people.