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UN Expert Just Offered a Brutal Takedown on US Inequality and How the GOPTaxScam Will Make It Worse


UN Expert Just Offered a Brutal Takedown on US Inequality and How the GOPTaxScam Will Make It Worse

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

'The persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by those in power'

"The American Dream is rapidly becoming the American Illusion as the U.S. ... now has the lowest rate of social mobility of any of the rich countries," said U.N special rapporteur Philip Alston. (Photo: Dale Cruse/flickr/cc)


As I am writing this the timer say 3h, meaning it’s been up on the main page for 3 hours and I am the first to comment. The first in 3 hours, am I the first in 3 hours to have read it as well? George Harrison was correct, isn’t it a pity, isn’t is shame, how we break each others hearts and cause each other pain. Inequality destroys nations and the chief investigator for the U.N. is going to report to the world why America is a failed state and no one reads his preliminary report that has been posted for 3 hours. It is a pity George, it is.


What a shame we can’t put this man on the ballot in 2020.


Ditton - Your words could be the perfect song for our times. A very wise professor emeritus, Dr. George Wright of CSUChico, California, made the observation recently that when Paul Voelker raised the interest rates to as high as 21% starting in 1978 (Carter’s term), it marked the "end of Keynesian Economics and the “beginning of neoliberal economics.” Almost immediately carpenters, plumbers, electricians, a huge junk of middle income families and their supply systems sank into poverty and fear. We’ve never recovered from the sense that the government doesn’t give a damn about us.
US wealthy power brokers haven’t changed their neoliberal ideology in spite of reports like this from the UN that point out US’ economic policies wiping away the middle class and neglecting the poor who are forced into homelessness. I say don’t ever ever ever vote for candidates who take big money from corporations or oligarchs (ie the 1%). They’re completely out of touch with humanity.


Fuck capitalism.

Fuck amerikkka.

It’s “exceptional” all right!


Electoral politics will never save us.

UN Rapporteur Alston is Australian, btw…




One of the things that really bugs me about the republican agenda is how the republicans plan to cut social services before the “trickle down” from the rich will reach the people. This is indicative to me about how mean spirited the republicans really are and also how the republicans really aren’t concerned about the people’s well-being. You’d think they’d keep social services in place until their highly touted trickle down has actually reached the people and uplifted them. The republicans are selling their tax give away to the rich by claiming the rich will have more money to invest in businesses thereby increasing the numbers of jobs out there. So we are expected to just starve to death and die between now and when the affects of those investments actually take place- yet we know they never will. Why isn’t anyone out there calling out the republicans on this time lag?! I’ve come to believe that the phrase “pull yourself up by your own boot straps” is just rich people speak for “we don’t care about you at all.”


The real criminal class in the US are not in the prisons. they occupy many of the legislative, judicial and executive offices of the governments in the US.


I really miss George. I have many links to many reports on what is happening on my site. I look at the stats every so often to see the activity. No one clicks on the links. No one checks into reality. In 3 short months I’ve had over 4100 clicks, just looky-lou’s. We have been dumbed down so far since the 70’s it is amazing. It is a pity George, it is.


I miss George, too. What is your site?


and thanks.


Getting pretty bad. No wonder thousands are crossing the border every day.


Thanks! I look forward to exploring your site. And sharing!


Which border?


The US border, of course.


Exceptionally stupid!