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UN Expert: To Address Climate Crisis, Ditch Industrial Agriculture


UN Expert: To Address Climate Crisis, Ditch Industrial Agriculture

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Just weeks ahead of COP21, a United Nations expert has warned that climate change poses a major threat to global food security and stressed the need to ditch industrial agricultural approaches in favor of agroecological ones.


It's not industrial agriculture; it's capitalist agriculture. The problem is capital's ceaseless quest for always greater profits ruins food and the environment.

See? This is part of the problem. Unless the problem is accurately named and analyzed, then there's no solution.


uh, you need to do some more reading....


This is our chance, the gov should give out land grants, like they did in the pioneer days, a few acres.. up to maybe 5 or could be a little more... and every little town every bigger town... could have surrounding small organic farmers, that grow their food.... Communities sharing ... communities becoming interdependent... and we get rid of the current model for food production and distribution.. it's a start...


"Politicians aren’t the only ones with power," a call-to-action from 350.org states. "If enough people agree that it’s time for the world to move in a new direction, and push together, the world will begin to move."

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How do you figure I need to know more about how capitalism operates?


Yeah, that' pie in the sky idealist crap works every time. When was the last time unambiguous working class legislation was passed?


Prior to giving out the land grants the gov. needs to break up all the monopolies that are agribusiness. Otherwise the monopolies will run the upstart small farmers out of business post haste.


You gotta find people willing to work that land. Good luck with that. who do you think is gonna wake up at 0500 and start plowing, tilling and such?


"The incidents, she said, "could subject an additional 600 million people to malnutrition by 2080." "

THAT has got to be the understatement of the century. When the monsoon stops and sea-level is up by a couple of metres, it will be billions about whom we will be talking.


Couldn't we like privatize Big Agra instead of making this old man (decrepit is the word of choice in this context) pick up a shovel and hoe. Forget the plow nonsense altogether. I'd starve before I figured out how to use one.

In some countries where industrial agriculture has not yet strangled the small farmer, the UN is correct. What about here in America? The government can't give people acres of farmland unless it expropriates land already in use? Otherwise where is this arable land supposed to come from?

Computers have made small scale and local equally efficient as large scale centralized big agra. Or at least it could. A modern grange movement etc.

I'm looking at my pitiable house plant which apparently has the tenacity of Kudzo and the stubbornness of a Bristlecone Pine because it has survived where no plant has survived before. It is not edible. Sigh.


And you, Initiate. need to present less snark and more detailed information.


We should see the MO and methods of Monsatan and Dow as BOTH industrial and capitalist - I don't think its either/or but both - one driving the other. The endless quest by the depraved greedy is always for more - more profits, more "growth" more power to control politicians, candidates, elections, legislation, and that reality/corruption of our republic/society must be ended (smashed) and a sustainable model with non-politicians at the helm is required. The results are the same, Industrial Capitalist agriculture is a threat to people, the environment, air & water quality and the Earth itself.


You put it better than I did ... so that stewjrt could get it...


Well, I'll admit, Emphyrio put it better than I did.. sorry, read his post to me... it is ANYTHING done on a mass scale that is the problem... so, instead of thinking in term of scale, it is the small, LOCAL systems, that will be best and gives more work .... think about it... more people would actually own their own business... small is good.


Come on Wereflea, you can imagine this, I know you can. YOU wouldn't have to pick up a plow or shovel... So, say you have a small town in a rural area, like 5,000 pop. So, there are say 3 old farms that none is really farming any more. The people who still own them, either turn them into CSA's or... sell some of the pieces to some young'uns... or others... or sell to the gov who then HANDS OUT LAND GRANTS to those who WANT ... WITH A MORTGAGE FORGIVENESS.. OR FREE MORTGAGE... to help them get started.
In the end there could be say, 10 farms feeding the 5, 000 people in that town. Also, along with some sheep farmers, for wool, then, some people could make cloth and clothes..
Okay, so you say this is a pipedream...
This idea could work in bigger pops. As far as larger cities... you get a lot of the land that surrounds it and do the same... with many people in the city doing urban gardening...
OH and every where, anyone who wants or can, would garden in their own yard, no matter how small or big to add to their own food source. They do this, instead of a silly patch of grass that needs to be mowed... I'm not opposed to someone using a bit of grassy accent to their yard... but, please use a motorless lawn more... it's exercise and/or pay a kid to do it... it shouldn't be all that big anyway..

I just do not understand that WE cannot get out of our BOX and think out side of it.. there of course, can be more ideas or modifications to my idea... but this is exactly how we come to solutions.


Corporate ag. may have played their last hand with the neonicotinoids and the crap shoot of other pesticides that are killing off the pollinators and other life forms that make any kind of agriculture possible.

Talk about shooting life in the foot, those in charge of that deadly game have allowed their quest for the upscale lifestyle to drive out all morality and reason.

We don't have to throw the baby out with the bath water to create a system of producing real healthful food that feeds everyone. Organic and sustainable ag. was the way since time immemorial. It is do-able and must and can be done. Don't let the shills and fools convince you otherwise.


See, that's more uniformed crap! I know economics. I know that in this world there's no industrial without capitalism.

IT'S NOT GREEDY PEOPLE! How simplistic and simple minded to think the problem is human imperfection and if people would just be reasonable the problems would go away. Balderdash! The problem is capitalism. If you don't know how it works, then that's another problem.


Hey, whoa, easy there - don't get your dogmas get all in a bunch. Finding absolute fault with the "UN expert" that it "isn't industrial" agriculture, but "capitalist" ag - really? And following-up with labeling the opinions of others "uninformed crap"? Jeeze....

Pronouncing definitively there "is no industrial without capitalism" is just rubbish and balderdash. Do socialist nations have "industrial" programs or agriculture without "capitalism"? Its just jargon

Do greedy people play no role in exploitation of other people, natural resources, agricultural and factory animal farming, "industrial" or not, financial usury? Greed is certainly a factor in how people do things - the bottom line not sustainability! I will refrain from all caps.......how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Talk about "simplistic and simple minded" - your a prisoner of your own jargon.


Well, I understand your tactic is to misrepresent my comments and attack your version. That's a logical reasoning fallacy of a straw man argument.

Houston, we have a comprehension problem. I never wrote "there's no industrial without capitalism these days" thus closing myself off from an attack that so-called socialist nations weren't industrial.

The industrial revolution was just capitalist development from manufacture to mass production using machines. You got that?

My view is, and I guess I have to spell it out for the feeble minded, muddled thinkers is that people, i.e., capitalists behave in a manner consistent with the social relations they inhabit. I know I just used words you don't know the meaning of, but that's your problem.

You've got no background in economics. Don't try and pretend you do. Your superficial, inane "analysis" exposes you.

You're done.