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UN Expert Touts Universal Basic Income as "Bold and Imaginative Solution' to Poverty

Respect is not a basic human right?

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Nope. Respect is earned. Being left alone is a right. Being respected is earned by being respectable.

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“There’s a clear right to be able to live in dignity…”
Is waiting for your monthly UBI check going to instill “dignity” in an individual? Is there no dignity in supporting your family, even if you dig ditches or clean hog pens? (I’ve done both)

“Affording each individual with a no strings attached, basic amount would help safeguard basic human rights, the report says.”
No strings attached? No requirement to work and earn your UBI?
Would the UBI replace the current safety net welfare programs that receptients currently receive or would it supplement them?

“Just imagine how much talent we would unleash if we got rid of poverty once and for all,”
Doesn’t it seem rather idealist to think that everyone receiving their UBI, with no strings attached, would use it in some productive enterprise? Doesn’t human nature react in just the opposite way?
Why is it that LBJ declared a War on Poverty, unleashed a flood of social programs, spent Trillions in ever deepening debt and we still have poverty?

“If this sounds utopian to you, then remember that every milestone of civilization—the end of slavery, democracy, equal rights for men and women was once a utopian fantasy too.”
I must say it does sound utopian since slavery still exists throughout the world, democracy is not universal nor is equality of men and women unless, of course, he is referring to the civilization called the United States.

Meaning the labor of ALL HUMANKIND thru all the years- that is how the rich became rich, not from their OWN labor, but the labor of the folks who built the cars, and the tracks, and picked the cotton and drilled the oil and paid with their time, their sweat, blood r tears and ultimately their life. Time we got some return on that longstanding loan was my meaning, mr scornful.

An end to Hillary Clinton’s incrementalism, fanf***ingtastic!

So, because someone else worked, you’re owed something…


If you want value, create value. Don’t expect the world to give you a living. It doesn’t owe you.

People are not paid what their labor is worth, in plenty of cases they have
not been paid at all. They ARE Owed something. Maybe it’s time that it came
to them. But hey, we will never agree so there we are.