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UN Expert Warns Inequality and Austerity Are Intensifying Global Mental Health Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/24/un-expert-warns-inequality-and-austerity-are-intensifying-global-mental-health


There should be a policy in place that requires a base closing somewhere every time an increase in military spending is asked for.
Ronny Rayguns said put people in the streets and out of mental hospitals.
Lack of proper mental health treatment, diagnosis, and remediation add greatly to the improper use of firearms as well.


One thing for certain. Corporate State Democrats are all about Austerity, along with their Republican cohorts. It is what they do. When one wing of that duopoly is “in power” the measures move faster…when the other has “more power” it is more incremental. This has been happening since one Bill Clinton was spawned from the DLC, the putrid birth of the “third way” corrupt movement. Biden of course represents the rotten core of this corrupt club of Corporate State Democrats but plenty of the Democratic candidates would love to “out-centrist” him to go after the all important “swing voter” who “wants to keep their medical insurance” and the rest of the fucking tripe. And then you have your Johnny Jingo of the bunch…Seth the psycho killer being all militaristic and stuff (wasn’t it rich when this poser called out Biden for the Iraq War…Seth, the guy who led the first ground invasion of Baghdad, and then returned for seconds, thirds, and fourths) Again, I’m talking about Corporate State Democrats here.

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But but…Corporate State Democrats are going to dust off “the public option” and keep those pesky leftists advocating Medicare for All from “taking away insurance from those who just love love love their insurance company” and stuff. I mean, isn’t that enough?

In many ways, the quest for greater profit is affecting everyone’s mental health.

No, 5G wireless networks aren’t safe. The big guys simply went to governments and said, “They’re safe. Or else!”

Inequality is intentionally built into the dominant and coercive economic system. As a result of this choice and the power it possesses, inequality will produce, as evidence documents, millions of sick, mentally ill and dying people. These sick, mentally ill and dying people, many of them, will be unable to work any longer. Add these to the millions of people who are born naturally unable to function in prescribed work zones due to developmental matters.
The brutal, faux centrist politics, too long established and parroted, dispenses with all these millions under false claims of a reasonable social safety net, and, the even more brutal attack that asserts these individuals deserve exactly what they get and are a lazy bunch of losers who just need to try harder.
Sickness, mental illness, developmental disorders, aging and dying people have always been part of humanity. The demagogues that rule perennially, have clearly demonstrated their willingness to let these people suffer unnecessarily due to the ignorant, narcissistic adherence to their false mythology of entitlement and BS meritocracy. Their choice - elite wealthy interests will sacrifice the majority to serve their ‘needs’.
Challenge the bullshit.

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Great to read this piece.

“We must end austerity,” said Corbyn, “and start investing in people and communities.” Right On !

The gravest mental health crisis is the sociopathy extant in our “leaders”