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UN Experts Catalog Seemingly Endless List of Racial Discrimination in US



Andrea Germanos, staff writer

From being victims of policy killings to facing barriers to educational and health equity, African Americans are facing "systemic racial discrimination" and deserve reparatory justice, a United Nations working group said Friday.

Having just completed an 11-day mission with visits to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Jackson, Miss., Chicago and New York City, the five-member Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent say they are "extremely concerned about the human rights situation of African Americans."


"Past injustices and crimes against African Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice": As William Faulkner wrote, "The past is not dead. It isn't even past". Next up should be the recognition of the genocide and theft of indigenous lives and land and a move to atonement.


Black Agenda Report says Jill Stein supports reparations:


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Well we are getting equality now and when U.S starts to look like Europe does now we really will be united in a mess. I have already seen the far left and Tea Party right working together on a common cause fighting the TPP, who ever thought those two groups would come together and work together? And as the chaos hits this country all the divergent ethnic groups in the U.S. will come together, for now the media pushes for ratings and fighting amongst these groups for past and present injustices but in the near future that will change.


So nobody who is alive today was a slave or owned slaves, neither were/did their parents. 13% of the US population is foreign born, a lot more than that are probably first generation Americans. Plus, apparently, there were quite a few black slave owners too. The questions is, who shall pay reparations to whom?


The UN group this Common Dreams article referred to described evidence that the system we live under in the U.S. today is still grotesquely deformed by racism that started with slavery, and that is why if you are alive today and white, you are statistically less vulnerable to systemic injustice, regardless of who's to blame or whose ancestors did what. Reparations don't have to be in the form of a one time cash payment to everyone who is black in the U.S. today. Black Agenda Report is an outstanding resource for links to scholarly discussion of stuff like that. I'm white by the way, and I learn tons of interesting stuff there.


Thanks! You saved me typing out the response to our friendly resident right-winger...


Other forms of discrimination that have grown dramatically since 1982 (ray gun elected) and are very hard to prove: Ageism (corporations feel anyone over the age of 40 is a medical liability), Sexism (any number of employers hire women to meet labor law quotas but when women employees get pregnant, the discrimination is prevalent but cloaked), religion/ethnicity (how many Sikhs - males wearing their turbans or Muslim women wearing hijabs or burkas get hired?). Discrimination prevails in all its ugliness and the African American population in the U S has historically been the most victimized to this day.

Technology has played a role in discrimination in that anyone with any kind of arrest (misdemeanor or felony) at any age (contrary to what is asserted, records of juveniles are NOT expunged from cyberspace) has a very difficult time attaining a job making a living wage, if any job at all (wealthy individuals with means to scrub their backgrounds are excepted). Even activists who have the right to protest must be careful if they are arrested or their faces caught during any demonstrations as they will invariably face future job discrimination or even recrimination at their employers.

So much for freedom...so much for privacy.


From the headline, i was expecting more of a concrete catalog of specific ways in which Blacks in the USA have been defrauded, had wealth taken, and been blocked from acquiring wealth. Red-lining in various sectors, housing discrimination of various kinds, racial disproportionality in mortgage fraud, etc.

These are not possible to tally precisely but total in the hundreds of billions and possibly into the trillions of dollars in 2016 money. i don't have cites handy but have read a couple of reports on the long-term impacts of institutional racism in housing and credit, which are BY NO MEANS relegated to some ancient past from which no living persons benefit.

Just mortgage fraud in the run-up to the financial meltdown of 2008 stripped massive wealth from Black families and communities. Such practices and processes have been part of the political economy in every generation since Reconstruction.


Then... what people would be up after aboriginals? North American tribes would owe reparations to each other for eons of territorial wars. The Dutch owe reparations to Indonesia for the spice empire era. Look to nearby Australia. Reparations for the aboriginals there, but there would have to be reparations for the settlers as well as they were dumped on those foreign shores against their will by the crown. Now we're back to old England, where they'd also be looking at reparations to the Scots and Irish and countless other peoples everywhere. On it goes, back to the beginning of recorded history and beyond. Paleolithic reparations are due world-wide. It transcends race, culture and geography as well... perhaps the elite owe the masses some reparations for all of their exploitation and unjust taxation. Men owe women the world... and more! If you follow this folly thoroughly through you conclude that all people owe each other the world, and we do. We absolutely do, that's the take-away from this. It could be argued that the 'Pandora's Box' that reparations represent renders a global blank slate for all people... all complaints cancel each other out, and we're all equal in this. Wouldn't such a stance be the ideal outcome of talk of reparations?

Are there lingering effects that leave certain ethnic groups disadvantaged in the current socio-economical schemes that I seem to be glossing over? Yes! Obviously. Everywhere. That's how it's always been, but I'm not glossing over it and it doesn't mean we can't change it. I would argue that it is the present that we ought to be focused on. To talk of making up for the past without first dealing with the present seems insane at best to me. Let's pursue justice and equality now, as history unfolds in real time. That's a big enough challenge, enough on our plate... the past is a mess of incalculably heavy baggage best left behind as it traditionally has been.


You hit the nail on the head, my friend.


Excellent question. I feel you might have avoided some of the rabble-wrath if you'd have expanded a little more.


When having any discussion on Racism, I always ask this ask this question. Do Black people own, control or influence any of these 9 Areas of People activity in the United States of America? They are
(1) Entertainment
(2) Education
(3) Economics
(4) Sex
(5) Labor
(6) Law
(7) War
(8) Politics
(9) Religion
If that person (s) is honest, they'll admit Black people don't own, control, nor influence any of them. All of these areas of people activity negatively affect the lives of the overwhelming majority of Black people every day in the United States, and everywhere else Caucasians have the power to control those areas I alluded to above. Anyone who denies this fact is either disingenuous, lacks integrity or is completely ignorant of the facts of History, as well as current events.

Here's a quote that might help further explain what I mean. It comes from the book entitled, "Two Nations: Black, White, Separate, Hostile And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker. Contemplate upon his words. He says,
"Thus, Coleman Young, the Mayor of Detroit, a predominantly Black City, has argued that Blacks cannot be racists, for the simple reason that they are an oppressed people. Racism, he has said, should be attributed only to those who have the power to cause suffering. Racism takes its full form only when it has an impact upon the real world. While most white people may dispute the Mayor's reasoning, he raises an important point. If we care about Racism, it is because it scars people's lives. Individuals who do not have power may hold Racist views but seldom cause much harm. (No one cares if homeless people believe the Earth is flat.) The significance of Racism lies in the way it consigns certain human beings to the margins of society, if not painful live and early deaths. In the United States, Racism takes its highest toll on Blacks. No white person can claim to have suffered in such ways because of ideas that may be held them by some Black Citizens. Ideas about equality and inferiority and superiority are not simply figments of people's minds. Such sentiments have an impact on how institutions operate, and opinions tend to be self-fulfilling. If members of a minority race are believed to deficient in character or capacities, the larger society will consign them to subordinate positions". --"Two Nation: Black, White, Separate, Hostile, And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker p 29.

Finally, I'll leave you these quotes to contemplate.

"If you DO NOT know Racism (as white-Supremacy); what it is and how it works, everything else you understand will only confuse you".--Neely Fuller

“The only form of ‘functional’ Racism that exists among people of the known universe is white-Supremacy”.—Neely Fuller


You are trying to deflect from the topic. You are correct in your assertion. However, your bringing up what happened to the Dutch, or the indigenous people of Alaska, and elsewhere disproves the Racism that Black people face daily how, precisely? Let us for once bring integrity to this discussion. The actual topic is "UN Experts Catalog Seemingly Endless List of Racial Discrimination in US". This country has paid Reparations to The Japanese, Why haven't they paid Reparation to the people of whom this Nation has harmed the most-Blacks? And more importantly, why shouldn't they? This country has even paid Reparations and continues doing so to the so-called Jews, in the amount of 4.5 Billion dollars annually to Israel.The so-called Jews, who as a collective of whom weren't discriminated against in this Country receive this money from this Government annually. The Jewish Holocaust was perpetrated in Europe by their more powerful elite so-called Jewish brethren and other Caucasians there.


I think that reparations would be a great idea for improving our entire country.
I believe that it should start with out educational system with increased funding of preschool and day cares for African-American children. Along with that I would say that all African-American children should have free healthcare. Then we need to better fund schools that have African-American children, probably including building new schools with all of the newest technology and including all of the subjects that help children learn and relate to the outside world, such as art and music and sports,performance arts and languages.
We should pay the teachers a bonus and require advanced degrees to teach in these school. The teachers should have more support with guidance counselors, psychologists, aids.
Then we should give free college to any african-american that has been accepted to college and follow with the aid as far as they advance in the system. Class size needs to be kept to a minumum. After school tutoring and activities of every sort need to be sponsored.
Some of the schools should be residential for the kids with chaotic homes lives that are interphereing with their advancement. We would need more social workers to interview parents that are having trouble or if teachers see any indication of developing problems in students.
This would stop the school to prison pipeline and give african-american children hope for a future.


sorry, but the peoples this country has harmed the most are the original, indigenous people who still live under the write government's boot in miserable "reservations."

real change will come only when black, brown (who are now the largest minority population) and original peoples learn to stand together and fight the common enemies of racial-ethnic-economic-education discrimination, all aided and abetted by regressive national and state policies.


Infighting among various groups does not only benefit the corporate media but also the ruling 1 or 10%. As long as people infight the rich and powerful can roll on.


@viejolex1, actually, you have nothing to be sorry for. However, you are incorrect in your total analysis of the situation , as regards to how the enslavement of an entire race of people and their descendants were traumatized, terrorized, tortured, humiliated, etc. for well over 300 years, as well as its aftermath, the development of Racism-white Supremacy and how it has continued to negatively impact the lives of Black people in The united States of America and elsewhere, wherever Caucasians rule . And I haven't even mentioned the fact that the indigenous people, primarily Cherokee, Blackfoot, and others, as well, had Blacks as slaves, too. I urge you to read these books just to get a glimpse at why your assessment is incorrect. Read these books and you'll begin to see why I am asserting what I am asserting. Without an Historical analysis of this issue, you will see it incorrectly every time. For without an Historical analysis, you will not see what has transpired, or whom caused it to transpire, in the manner it has, nor how it transpired in the first place. Nor will you be able to see how that History of what has transpired still effects what is transpiring right now. Here is that list of books for you.
(1) "100 Years of Lynchings" by Ralph Ginzburg
(2) "Two Nations: Black, White, Separate, Hostile And Unequal" by Dr. Andrew Hacker
(3) "The Heart Of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism And White Privilege" by Robert Jensen
(4) ) "Medical Apartheid: The Dark History Of Medical Experimentation On Black Americans From Colonial Times To The Present" by Harriet A. Washington
(5) "Colorblind: The Rise of Post-Racial Politics and the Retreat from Racial Equity" by Tim Wise
(6) "The Ice Man Inheritance" by Michael Bradley


@cukes Determining who gets the money is fairly easy. You go back to the records of which Blacks was born here with European sir names and start back from there. If you go back far enough, you be able to prove which Blacks were enslaved and which ones came much later, from Afrika and elsewhere. You don't see any Caucasians with indigenous Afrikan names do you? So.... It's far more easy than you realize. That is, if you honestly want to do so. Of course, the operative phrase here is, 'if you honestly want to do so'.