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UN Experts Say Video Footage of Taser Use in US Jails Reveals Torture


UN Experts Say Video Footage of Taser Use in US Jails Reveals Torture

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"When you use a tool like this on an incapacitated person, to me it certainly amounts to cruel and degrading treatment," said special rapporteur Nilz Melzer

In this still from surveillance video from Cheatham County Jail in Ashland City, Tenn., Jordan Norris is seen restrained. (Photo: Cheatham County Sheriff's Office/Handout)


Torturing another human being as such should warrant arrest and incarceration.

Job dismissal is a given.


Sorry, PonyBoy. Not in the F.S.A. (Fascist States of Amerika)


Abusive systems create abusive individuals. But that can’t be an excuse for abuse because human beings have a choice. It’s called free will. Those participating in torturing others made their choice and must be held accountable for their abominable actions…


This is horrifying, inhumane, cruel and sadistic. And yes, it is torture. If this were being done to a dog, there would be a massive outcry. People would be fired and prosecuted. Some of those who work in the prisons and detention centers are obviously very depraved individuals. Either those personality types are drawn to that, or possibly the system changes them. Or a combination of both.

This country is sick. We have lost any justification we may once have had to lecture anyone on human rights. This is the bitter harvest of several decades spent sowing the seeds of anger, hatred, fear and militarism.


We have enabled the psychopaths amongst us!


Reports such as these just shows how sick the country has become, not that prisoners have ever been treated with dignity, but it is the 21st century. Punitive measure are the norm in the US. Instead of rehabilitation we still have a punitive system that goes back many years; instead if rehab we have regressive measures to inflict cruelty. This is indicative of the ones in control as they were abused growing up and unconscientiously act out their dysfunction on the prisoners. Again the pathology of a sick society playing out in overcrowded prisons populated by victims of industrial capitalism’s demands to comply, or else. When is an enlightenment movement going to rise up and say enough already? Time’s right for a real movement to save mankind and the world’s other inhabitants before it’s too late.


Welcome to Abu Ghraib USA where police, private for-profit jail (an obscenity in itself!) goons, and the “authorities” almost always have carte blanche to torture, abuse and kill with impunity!


tasers should be outlawed as they are torture devices with no other use


Where are the international renunciations? Where are the economic sanctions?


Of course its torture. However, on what grounds could it be stopped? As former Supreme Court Justice Scalia said:

““We have never held that that’s contrary to the Constitution. And I don’t know what provision of the Constitution that would, that would contravene.” - Antonin Scalia


The angry Anglo USAns are extremely violent people. The US has become increasingly a violent place to live. As the economy leaves many in doldrums hopelessness, homelessness, mental illness and poverty have been on a steep incline and getting worse by the day.


Not We Druid.


They who support the Duopoly.

When it is so clearly evident of the level of corruption that exists in these two parties, and how “they” are the ultimate enablers of the Military Industrial Complex that gets 50 cents of every dollar we pay in taxes in order to spread Terror, and Weapons for one purpose, to Kill and cause Human Suffering, to continue to support this is Evil.


I wonder if these are state or private prisons


Just prisons? Just jails? Get real, folks. Electronic torture is everywhere. Not just in mental institutions.Not just in incarceration. Not just that other country, those other people. Not just from cops. Not just from security guards. Not just to those under arrest. Not just once in a while.


For a while I taught in a medium security prison. The prisoners didn’t frighten me, it was the guards. Among them were some of the most distorted individuals I’ve ever come across.


And we have the self-righteous audacity to lecture other countries about human rights. The things that we legally do to helpless people are evil.
In the process we allow guards and other jail personnel to become monsters or candidates for post traumatic stress disorder.


Many of them would have perfectly fitted in a Nazi Concentration Camp.


Ya. Around that time a big study had been funded by the prison guards’ union, ostensibly showing that prison educational programs did not reduce recidivism. It was a con, perpetrated in order to keep prison populations up, so that prison guard jobs would be protected or even expand.

The logic of this system is horrific.


So where are those holier than thou anti-abortionists clamoring about murder in this case?