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UN Experts to United States: Stop DAPL Now


UN Experts to United States: Stop DAPL Now

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Backing up the Standing Rock Sioux and its allies, a United Nations expert has called on the United States to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.


The time has come to expand this protest to include all pipelines carrying fossil fuels and to the fossil fuel industry in its entirety.
Confining this protest to the Dakota Access Pipeline is a mistake and a miscalculation.


Confining the protest?

There are active oppositions to new pipeline projects ongoing throughout Turtle Island. This is one of the largest ever.

Calling one of the largest Indigenous acts of resistance in recent history "a mistake and a miscalculation" is absolutely unhelpful.


Headline reads, "experts"...
Article reads, "expert"...

C'mon, CD. Must the drift into MSM tendencies here continue?


This entire procedure has been an Oil company driven Fiasco from day one.

The US doesn't Need the oil.
Canada said Hell No! to building the pipeline across Canada.
It's Going to Leak, 100% guaranteed, because they All Leak.

Ecological Disaster and no Oil Company has Ever finished cleaning up their Mess, let alone Paying the people whose lives and homes are destroyed for the damages.


" this is the way the world ends; not with a bang, but with a whimper ". Who stands against this Empire? They own the megaphones, the infinite guns, the sprawling octupus-like creature inside your cell phone, your neighborhood cell towers, your bank account, your livelihood and personal space. You just pay, increasingly more, to have a place in their privatised space. They are constantly telling you to listen to them ( caveat emptor here), too. In endless advertising bombs, sponsored content and news-like informercials: $0.00 Down, 72 months @ 0.0% ( to those who are deemed worthy ), lay-away programs and so much more. If only you sell yourself and your conscience out, it can truly be had, grasped and directed ( a shopping cart with a steering wheel, of sorts ). Just imagine; a billion little empires moving inside one small, dead planet. This is a developing story, as has been the destructive genocidal tendencies of Empire, against Indigenous Peoples for at least five centuries in the Americas. Standing with " the other " has never been easier, folks. And, it doesn't come with any hidden fees, either.:wink:


Czar Obama's masters won't allow it to stop, they have too much riding on it.


Tauli-Corpuz's statement was endorsed by seven other UN experts, including Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, Léo Heller; Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, John H. Knox; and Special Rapporteur on cultural rights, Karima Bennoune.


Had I done that you'd be correct.


Guilty as charged. Missed that part and jumped the gun..


Who is doing the confining?


The corporate media says very little about this event. When it is covered those representing the protestors generally confine their remarks to the local situation.
Consequently this has remained a small story and not the national story that it should be.


I've done the same at times.


I hope that this is the first step of many in walking away from oil dependency.


I don't understand your point. They quote UN officials because that's what the article is about. It is about the fact that several UN experts have come out in favour of Standing Rock. That's what the article is about, specifically. That is why it quotes the UN experts, because that's what the article is about.

The cynicism in these forums can be absolutely crushing.


My highest respect for Standing Rock Sioux.

I am very distressed regarding the horrendous abuse of the environment, life and disrespect for sacred land and the decease. I hope Standing Rock Sioux succeeds in defeating the corruption that is so prevalent in the U.S.

This is just "one of many grave concerns" of how both Democratic and Republican parties have over many decades shown no shame in allowing similar or the same atrocities to occur all for profit and greed. Dirty money in politics, duplicity done behind closed doors. The rot emanating from these two parties and big corporations involved is overwhelmingly appalling.

Anyone including the media who support or endorse the Democratic or Republican party are either willfully or in most cases "unwittingly" to blame. No personal offense intended by that remark ---- unfortunately many people are not well informed, propaganda is a powerful tool that has been around since the 1700s, and as media advanced it's become easier to mislead millions of people, propagandist also use other dirty tricks such as diversion, downplay, omit key information or not give much attention to (not headline; front-page news).

Solution: Vote Jill Stein 2016.

Thanks C/Dreams for updates on this issue.


That's not what Imhotep said. If WE don't expand the protest it would be a mistake and miscalculation. In fact though, I DO think we are challenging every pipeline. In many different ways. Currently the Supreme Ct of Virginia will hear an important case regarding private property rights. A woman is challenging a pipeline Co who wants to come on her land to survey it. A lower court said OK, but the SC is hearing the challenge.


This article and the United Nations involvement are mostly about how governments deal with indigenous peoples. The lack of meaningful consultation with the tribes on the pipeline can not be allowed to happen. The fact that the climate change issue and the environmental impact of pipelines generally and our lack of need for them in nearly every circumstance overlaps with the consultation issue in this instance makes us support the tribes all the more. However, such overlap with other things we support is not always the case. For example, some tribes have not been properly consulted when wind farms or solar farms are being built in areas that will harm their cultural and burial sites. I think, we need to support the tribes, even when the facilities being built are ones we like. Often, "not in my backyard" becomes another manifestation of white privilege in this country.

I will be very interested in what happens at the Whitehouse Tribal Nations Conference happening today and tomorrow in Washington D.C. - not just for the effect on DAPL - but also for whether better procedures for respecting the tribes' status as sovereign groups arise from it.