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UN Human Right Council Agrees to Hold Hearing Focused on 'Racial Inequality and Discrimination' That Characterizes American Society

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/un-human-right-council-agrees-hold-hearing-focused-racial-inequality-and


Must we resort to the fist in the air symbol? That can spell more trouble than we want.
And wow, you could fit two or three trump inaugurals into one of these protest gatherings.
And over at Yahoo you have people who wouldn’t take a knee in support of their own mother over the flag or national anthem.

“The U.S. is not currently a member of the Human Rights Council, the Trump administration having withdrawn from the organization in 2018 over criticism of Israeli abuses in the occupied territories.”

So there it is. Are there any councils/organisations/treaties left from which dump has not withdrawn the citizens of the USA? And was their agreement even sought? Democracy. What a joke.

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We should be aware that longstanding preferences which attempted to ameliorate injustices against historically mistreated groups may be under attack via treaties. This paper is a commentary on the situation relating to preferences maintained by both the US and Australia several years ago, I dont have anything more recent, but hopefully people can get an idea from this of what I am talking about.

If any of you know of more recent discussions on these kinds of issues, I’d love to see them


Its not acceptable to stop trying to cure one kind of discrimination by substituting a different, largely contrived unrelated other thing in its place.

Forthcoming in Sue Arrowsmith & Robert D. Anderson, The WTO Regime on
Government Procurement: Challenge and Reform (Cambridge University Press 2011)
Chapter XX
The Limited Case for Permitting SME Procurement Preferences in the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement
John Linarelli *