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UN Human Rights Chief: FBI Could Unlock "Pandora's Box" in Apple Case


UN Human Rights Chief: FBI Could Unlock "Pandora's Box" in Apple Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The United Nations human rights chief on Friday warned that the U.S. government risks opening a "Pandora's Box" if it successfully forces Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters.


The FBI has already seized Pandora’s Box once they learned of its existence and are demanding it be opened and its contents revealed. Many are urging the FBI not to open the box but they remain adamant.

It’s going to be weird when they find out that one of the things in that box is the FBI.


It will be unacceptable to non-client states of the empire, such as as China or Brazil to have a foreign country, the one that threatents them, have the ability to see all activities of their citizens on such devices.


They didn’t give a shit about the millions whose homes were lost or stolen by the banks. They don’t give a shit about the civilians their drone program kills. Why should they give a shit now?


I am sure Hillary wants to have this key, she wants to know everything and you to know nothing. Hillary is no fan of democracy because it needs transparency to survive.


The system has become so inbred and dependent on intravenous feeds back and forth between corporate abuse and abuse of powers with impunity that they now define each other in a mirror world that has wrapped itself up in itself to the exclusion of all that is healthy. One consequence is that it doesn’t realize that it doesn’t realize that the borrowed time its been usurping from human lives, human genius and adaptability, the reality of nature needing to be in balance - is now looming over it and is resolutely setting all of the signposts up in plain view. This is a vision test for institutionalized cataracts.


What better way to ferret out the whistleblowers who are bringing their great nation down?


Yes, it’s kind of the end of America tech sales in China. That will put a serious crimp in the growth strategies of many companies.


Yes, I’ve also heard it compared to an Abrams tank going over a cliff. All you can do is get out of the way, because you’re not going to stop America from its suicidal course over that cliff. Assuming humanity survives, America will be looked back upon as perhaps the silliest empire in history.


Pandora’s Box was long ago opened when nuclear fission was deemed safe by the corporate fraudsters.


I think that what would happen is that China would make a similar demand, requiring a key to unlock iphones. Given the size of the market, Apple would have to give it.


client (given their reliance on USA) / ally (given common interests) / masters (given their influence over USA media and politicians)


Yes, correct. iPhones would simply not be allowed to be used in China’s (and many other nations’ ) governmental capacities. Ordinary Chinese people would likely be sacrificed and exposed to surveillance by American intelligence.


Bringing the issue of tracking a bit closer to home:

To: webmaster@commondreams.org, editor@commondreams.org
Subject: Network spying as it impacts those of us at commondreams

I am happy that you have kept some focus on the issue of spying on our internet communications. Being thus aware of the issue, it perplexes me that you have not taken the step to use https for commondreams and the commons. Without it, every article we read and every post we make is visible on the network, tracked and connected both to our IP and to our login name. As a result of the revelations of Edward Snowden, Wikipedia has made the jump. Would you also consider correcting this problem?

Thank you,

(You can also phone commondreams at: 207.775.0488)