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UN Human Rights Chief: To Battle Zika, Uphold Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls


UN Human Rights Chief: To Battle Zika, Uphold Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The United Nations human rights office has criticized the recommendation by Zika-affected countries that women not become pregnant, saying that response to the epidemic fails to address the widespread and unjust denial of rights to women and girls.


Conservatives don't believe in abortion an birth control. They will have to get used to having kids with tiny heads and brains, a good match.


A boon for pesticide manufacturers like Monsanto.


Yeah having sex is sooo animalistic! Why would anyone want to do such a gross thing Uggggghhhh!

Or are you saying that the very idea of wanting to having children is animalistic too? Well, how did YOU come to be so that you can write such idiotic stuff?

Down vote!


It also presumes that the women who are on the receiving end of sexual violence are responsible for the outcome and the violence.

Boston boy is the next necessary "blame the people" poster. Never has there been a time when at least one "new" poster didn't posit THAT argument in lieu of any honest analysis of facts, conditions, corporate power, media influence, patriarchy, MSM indoctrination, etc.

It's his one be-all, end-all stand-in comment.

He is not just insensitive, his blame-the-victim views are repugnant. I'll quote from the article (the relevant portion), although truth will no doubt be lost on a dingo like this guy:

"Echoing women's rights campaigners UN's Zeid said that recommendation "ignores the reality that many women and girls simply cannot exercise control over whether or when or under what circumstances they become pregnant, especially in an environment where sexual violence is so common."


I will never forget the woman in Cuenca, Ecuador who held a severely deformed adolescent boy wrapped in a blanket in her arms as she begged for change in the central market place. I assumed the look of anguish on her face was permanent.
Or the various poor women I've seen sitting on city sidewalks in Medellin, Colombia with one or two small children with hands outstretched, begging for money. When I stop to give them money with a smile, their eyes are dead with misery. There's even a chain of restaurants in Colombia that employs only single mothers since there's a vast sea of women solely responsible for the welfare of their children. It seems to be the cultural norm that men impregnate women and then abandon them.
Maybe because Latin America identifies as Catholic or because of cultural conditioning or because women are still economically dependent on them, Latino men feel entitled to demand sex without thinking of the consequences because there are, in essence, none for them.
I'm happy to say that many educated, middle and working class Latinas are moving the feminist agenda forward in their respective countries but the Zika Crisis will effect lower income women disproportionately since they have less access to contraceptives and are more exposed to male violence.

Expecting men to respect women's rights in this situation when the same men view sexual domination as their right will certainly be a challenge. Sorry but I'm not feeling too optimistic.


More pesticide use for mosquitos could mean extinction of bees. Conservatives can't win the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the War on Liberals, Socialists, Atheists, Government, etc. Will they win the War on Nature?


Don't teach women to avoid pregnancy; teach mosquitoes to not spread Zika!


As well the virus was patented by the Rockefeller foundation in 1947. I'm not saying it is a conspiracy(yet?), but it does remind me of Bush saying 100's of thousands would die from bird flu while Rumsfeld had large stock holdings of the company that made Tamiflu and sold it to the government.


It would be so much more civilized to have population control done by teachers, nurses and planned parenthood than by viruses. We have long known that the simplest thing to do in areas like sub Saharan Africa would be to teach 12 or 14 year old girls how you get pregnant, how you catch AIDS / STDs, and how to use a condom. Then of course the Catholics and Christians freak out not wanting any of our tax $ to support any birth control education by the WHO.
I guess the moral high ground for the religious right is to let women & children die of AIDs, instead of the sin of condoms?


Or assume responsibility for the thousands of microcephalic infants about to come?