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UN Human Rights Chief Urges Action Against Western 'Demagogues'


UN Human Rights Chief Urges Action Against Western 'Demagogues'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein condemned Western "demagogues" like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Geert Wilders and urged people to "draw the line" against their far-right rhetoric before it leads to "colossal violence."


Had to click through twice to identify the occasion and audience: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/media.aspx?IsMediaPage=true

I'm afraid, at a human-rights "Gala." it's unlikely to make much difference, especially in the likes of Dutch elections. Europe is suffering backlash against its colonial history, and the likes of Geert Wilders are the backlash against the backlash. Indeed, it's all about fear.


Europe is suffering backlash against its colonial history, but then, so is the United States, as well.


Mr. Zeid should address the fertile ground prepared for such demagogues, made fertile by the continuing and accelerating impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people, under the oh-so-respectable neoliberal corporate globalization. Privatization and financialization of everything on behalf of the looting class, no matter how much propaganda spin they put on their project, tastes like shit to the large majority, and people will spit that shit out.

The demagogues distract the rest of us from seeing the bigger game going on, and focus on scapegoats. The other side of the coin with the neoliberals. Standing up to demagogues is truly necessary, but not on behalf of the looting class. The neoliberals at the helm of the corporate globalization project are not our saviors from the demagogues of the nativist right.

We need to stand up on behalf of people and the Earth, against the xenophobic racist demagogues who would plant their crops in that fertile ground, and against the neoliberal corporate globalizers who only continue to fertilize that ground.

FDRs New Deal and the European social welfare states took a slice from the looting class and shared with the impoverished, but did not restructure the foundations of the political economy to prevent the renewed rampant ascendancy of the completely unaccountable "masters of the Universe," who cannot seem to stop themselves from endlessly squeezing everyone in a mad dash to "own" everything.

If we do not see the source of the demagogues in the very structure of the existing political economy, we will not be able to effectively "stand up" against them. If we do not demand and create a political economy without a looting class, we will never create a world with solid safeguards against the rise of demagogues.


The big difference is that we never called it "colonization." Too bad Philippine Pres. Duterte used that personalized epithet, so his observation (awful as he may be) on sovereignty got ignored.


Why did Zeid omit Netanyahu, Hillary and Obama from his list?
Could it be that he doubles as a partisan pro-Zionist, Democratic hack in his off hours?
Isn't constantly condemning the Russians for all of America's ills a form of xenophobia?
Doesn't the same hold true when Israel condemns the Palestinian people and other anti-Zionist groups for domestic political gain?


Well said.


He should call out Hillary as well. In the long run, she will do more damage to the world than Trump. (Not that I will ever support Trump, mind you.)


Fascists are most decidedly not "bufoons". And what is you point? Are you suggesting that these fascists are anti-capitalist in some way?


Let us see, several hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, Syria, Libya , Yemen, Afghanistan with millions more dying in the Congo and Sub Saharan Africa. Palestinians bombed on a regular basis and the Government of the Ukraine killing many tens of thousands and poor peoples being murdered in the Honduras and central America because they stand in the way of "progress".

Perhaps a word condemning the Governments that ARE rather then what might be is in order?


By default, you do support Trump.


He's not wrong: if you have any doubts about how damaging western demagogues can be, and how they help groups like ISIS, look at what they've already done for places like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, to name a few



You liberal chumps with your 'Hillary or Trump' BS!. Voting for Hillary is self-brainwashing, programming yourself to love drones and 'regime change.' Screw that. I might have to live in Hillary's dystopia, but damned if I will endorse that murderous harpy.


Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Brazil, Philippines, did not participate in the invasions you mention - so what is your point?


What false dilemma? Unless the government of the USA is overthrown in the next 8 weeks or an asteroid wipes out Washington DC, the next president will be Trump or Clinton. The probability of a President Stein is absolutely zero, and the possibility of a president Johnson is a vanishingly small number close to zero.


How about Libya, Syria and Ukraine where the west has destroyed 3 countries in the last few years - BREAKING international law.... and killing hundreds of thousands....

or how about Greece where illegal debt and bankster bailouts have crashed the economy to worse than the usa great depression - where suicide has skyrocketed?

and we could bring up Honduras where an illegal coup - supported by Hillary Clinton turned a dive and tourist mecca into the world's Murder Capitol? where people are so frightened and terrorized that they send their children off alone- some as young as 5 years old - to WALK several thousand miles to the usa -

but Speech is considered as bad as ISIS/Daesh?

come on now - the silly season is here - or we must be braindead or highly Uninformed to believe these statements...


Yup fascists make scary speeches, but are harmless - especially once they take over the reins of government - totally harmless.


Why weren't Barack O'Bomber, Hillary Clinton, and George Bus (among others) included in his list?!


Nope we're gonna be stuck with Hillary.
Isn't she a fascist as well? They may call it neoliberalism, but a rose is a rose.


I meant "Bush," of course. George has too puny an intellect to qualify as a tree!