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UN Human Rights Office Gearing Up to Take On Trump's America


UN Human Rights Office Gearing Up to Take On Trump's America

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The United Nations commission for human rights said Tuesday that the agency is ready to take on President-elect Donald Trump over his "ghastly" campaign promises.

"We are going to speak up," one U.N. official told Foreign Policy. "It'll be rough, but if [Trump] puts any of those ghastly campaign pledges into action we will condemn."


Please begin by condemning in the strongest terms possible Obama's failure to protect protesters at Standing Rock. Deal with Trump when he takes office. Deal with Obama NOW.


Trump Names Former Political Opponent As UN Ambassador, Replacing Anti-Putin Samantha Power

In the first woman appointment to Trump's administration, South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley has accepted the president-elect's offer to be his ambassador to the United Nations, NBC News reported this morning. The daughter of immigrants from India, Haley served three terms in South Carolina's State House before winning the governorship in 2010 and again in 2014. A two-term governor, Haley, 44, initially backed Trump rivals Sen. Marco Rubio and then Sen. Ted Cruz during the GOP battle for a White House nominee.

She is the first woman in the state's history to hold the role and only the nation's second Asian-American governor.

If confirmed, Haley would succeed Samantha Power, who served as President Barack Obama's U.N. ambassador since 2013, and who has been the most vocal opponent of the Russian regime's overtures in the United Nations.

Haley has little direct foreign policy experience. She has spent time overseas negotiating trade deals for South Carolina businesses, but she has never served in a roll directly related to American foreign policy, or any other role in the federal government. As such, she is likely to draw scrutiny during Senate confirmation hearings for the Cabinet-level position. Haley would be the first ambassador since Madeleine Albright never to have served in any other role in the federal government before heading to Turtle Bay.

In what has been dubbed a "remarkable" shift in the president-elect's mindset, Trump's selection of Haley caps a dramatic year for their political relationship. They started 2016 with a fight and are ending it as allies in a nascent Trump administration, suggesting that far from bearing grudges Trump is willing to reconcile in the name of national interests.

The pair feuded in January after Haley's Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union, during which she took a thinly-veiled swipe at Trump, warning against "the siren call of the angriest voices." Haley told Matt Lauer the following morning that then-candidate Trump "has definitely contributed to what I think is just irresponsible talk."

"If we have citizens who are law-abiding, who love our traditions, who do everything to be productive citizens in America, they should feel welcome in this country," Haley said. "The reason this country is so great is because the fabric of this country was made by immigrants, and its legal immigrants."


UN Chief Al Hussein will find that 75% of the US public will support him, those who did not vote for Trump.


Thanks for the caring, neighbor.

If you think the U.S. can fall apart without severe implications for Canada, I believe you've failed to grok some basics about our interconnectedness.

I'm all for the U.S. as we've known it being undone, which is only common sense. For anything built on a foundation of theft, genocide, and slavery must ultimately fall.

I note that Canada is built on a quite similar foundation.

I can recognize that this undoing is underway and surrender to it without gloating over the harshness the process inflicts.

What will replace the old? That depends (in part) on how we respond in the present.

The only foundation for a sustainable life is profound and universal caring.

Your words and tone do not convey caring. Care-less-ness hurts. It hurts you as well as everyone else.


Don, half the dimwitted were 19% of the population. They get a president along with the other 81% of US citizens and the billions on this planet who didn't get a ballot. If the Electoral College delegates don't vote for HC, they will be as evil as he and his cohort are; maybe they know that. They have the legal right to give their states' votes to HC, who wouldn't be what the country needs but, at least, is not a neo-Nazi, psychopathic failed businessman. Well, you know that.




Which means no one wins in actuality.

"That's what half the dimwitted schlunks voted for isn't it?": No actually it was only a quarter of the nation that did. So that leaves out about 75% who do not support him.


I don't have any "hope as a last resort" for anything more than what could prevent Trump/Pence from taking office and giving power to the cruelest, greediest, most selfish people he, or whoever is pulling his strings, can find. The majority of the voting public didn't choose him (2 ml more for HC at last count) and, as I wrote, only 19% of the population. And if the ballots or machines have been tampered with, it will turn out to be even less. Nor am I optimistic about the EC choosing HC in enough numbers to chuck him out. I'll bet HC doesn't even much want to face a solidly R Congress and the insurmountable problems the last half dozen presidents left unsolved. Shall I tell you what I think is going to happen? The scientists who know have been moving the "tipping point" for the global temperature ever closer and will go on doing so: from the end of this century to 2050 and it will be 2030 the next time they report. No President, no Congress, no UN, no Tories, no Trudeau will be able to control the chaos that ensues. You used the word "futile", it's the right word.