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UN: Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes Increases Despite Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/un-israeli-demolition-palestinian-homes-increases-despite-pandemic


The first video in the article is worth watching; (I have no comment on the second video even though i watched it.)


WTF. UAE now Bahrain.


Where is George Galloway when we need him?

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The Western media is not only complicit in these crimes but play an active role in ensuring they happen.

Some years ago an online news source posted a picture of a home being demolished on the West Bank by Israel.

In the foreground was an old Palestinian woman weeping and hunched over with her face in hands. There was laundry hung over a fence to dry. The caption read “Israel destroys suspect terrorists home”. That picture was up for a couple hours and then replaced with an identical photograph in every respect except the woman was no longer there. She was photo shopped out of the frame.

Someone had to have seen that original photo and issued orders. She was in essence, disappeared.


I have nothing useful to say except that this shit makes my blood boil…


We’re sorry, you don’t have a permit for this home you’ve lived in all your life and we refuse to issue you one so move, we’re tearing it down. All part of the peace process and sincere search for a solution, you know, a solution to the “Palestinian Problem.”

Never again. Ha.


Where is the outcry from the rest of the world? I have no expectation that the US will do the right thing. It is more than ironic that a people who experienced the Holocaust are bent on displacing, basically stealing, the land to which they have no right, only might. What is called The Holy Land, is ruled by a modern day King Herod. Is the world so frightened of being labeled Anti-Semitic that it does not cut off ties to this rogue nation?

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And why isn’t the pope more involved?
You are on the money with the lack of confidence in us doing anything about this. We can’t even address our own problems at home. Trump continuing in office is a stark reminder.

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Yeah, there is going to be some very bad karma here. Ugh.

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“Where is the outcry. . . ?

Where indeed?

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No out cry because this information is NOT presented to the american people. Our people are too stupid following the clown in charge.

Our news outlets are controlled by " fill in the blank, otherwise I would be banned from CommonDreams" , therefore they control the narrative or story.
all outlets are controlled over the stories they choose to run (cnn, WP, NYT, LAT, fox, abc, nbc),