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UN Must Drop Saudi Arabia from Human Rights Council: Rights Groups



The appointment of the Saudi destroyers of Yemen to the UN Human Rights Council was a sick joke from the beginning - a mockery of a travesty......

Yet another US ally war criminal we shield from the UN and ICJ, arm, defend their crimes, and fund their atrocities - the US and ally war-criminals, perfect together!


But they are really a socially concerned government. Why look at all the money they give to the Clinton Foundation so it can go forth and do good deeds.


It is an absolute joke and the height of hypocrisy that Saudi Arabia leads the human rights commission. A great example of how the global elite operates.


So the EU wants trade sanctions against Saudi Arabia?

What a good job we Brits left the EU at such a critical time; we can keep selling arms to the Saudis with a clear conscience.


I am sure that they do know that the US will block this from ever coming up for a vote.


Just don't be cutting into Clinton's sales or you might have to get liberated.