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UN Must Include Soil Health in Climate Mitigation Strategies



If everyone on the planet just understood 3 things, our planet home and ourselves would be headed for salvation:

1) Salvation will come by controlling and reducing population pressure and central to that is the empowerment of Women.

2) Salvation will come from reducing and eventually stopping the use of Fossil Fuels and leaving them in the ground.

3) Salvation will come from eliminating chemically poisoned and unsustainable agriculture driven by fossil fuels. That is the focus of this article as it tries to cut drastic agricultural illiteracy. By adopting and sometimes returning to agro-ecological practices we can regenerate soils, capture, not release CO2, and eat healthily again with improved nutrition, as well as propagating a huge volume of new jobs to replace those computer/robotized away by technology. Agro-ecology calls for far more human interaction in consort with nature, on smaller plots of land, i.e., we need 10 or more times as many farmers, far better educated, to grow food properly. I like to say that agro-ecology in its numerous forms is the rocket science of the 21st Century.