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UN Observers Monitoring Human Rights Abuses Against DAPL Activists


UN Observers Monitoring Human Rights Abuses Against DAPL Activists

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The increasingly violent attacks by North Dakota police and private security forces against peaceful, Indigenous water protectors have caught the nation's attention as well as that of the United Nations, an arm of which has begun an investigation into the protesters' claims of human rights abuses, including "excessive force, unlawful arrests, and mistreatment in jail," the Guardian reported late Monday.


Denis Banks - talks about this unprecedented gathering of peoples protecting water and planet earth. - Abby Martin via tele SUR Denis reports on his 10 weeks at Standing Rock and the support from tribes all over the country, Canada and the world. The opening conversation is incredible.


Most of the nation sees the Water Protectors as violent extremists trying to take over private land and stop progress because that is how the main stream media spins what is happening. "There is violence on both sides" is what they say, when in fact the violence is being perpetrated by the police and agitators who are trying to make the peaceful (and rightful owners) look bad.

Truth is always the first casualty.

I express my own good wishes to the Water Protectors and the people standing for what is right.


Haka held to support Dakota pipeline protesters


I don't believe you can substantiate those claims. I've heard no one "say" there is violence on both sides. No, what little coverage there has been has not noted the asymmetry of the actions, but I have heard no explicit charges that the Protectors have been violent, and I have seen imagery that makes it clear only one side is in riot gear and using military vehicles. There's a reason that the sheriff and other forces are using nonlethal weaponry: They know the first death will turn the tide of public opinion, one way or the other.

It's important to support the Protectors in every way we can, but making unsubstantiated claims helps no one. That's why it's so good that the UN Indigenous Issues observers are there to collect the facts. We know that the facts are on the side of the Protectors, and observers make it clear to the sheriff and the Governor that the facts will be known and that they will be held accountable.


This reminds me of the Pinkertons and coal miners and their families.


It sure does remind me of the coal fields and the "gun thugs" in Appalachia. Those kinds of people have no place in a decent society.


One more:
Ecuadorian Indigenous Leader Joins Dakota Pipeline Protests


Anonymous Message to North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple


The police don't seem to have a problem with Standing Rock people. Their problem seems to be with protesters who have come from outside of North Dakota.



DOJ must put the project on hold while it investigates Human Rights violations. And federalize the North Dakota National Guard to protect Indigenous Rights in the same way Eisenhower turned the tables when Arkansas Gov Orval Faubus brought out the Arkansas National Guard in 1956 to prevent black students from entering Little Rock schools. Eisenhower tasked the Arkansas National Guard with escorting the students into the schools instead. We need that kind of leadership now.


??????? Then you are not paying attention.

The media are not and will not present the Native Americans as the good people here.
The media is owned by the same people who want the pipeline built and they are going to slant the story in favor of pipeline construction.

Plus, it does not sell papers to show pictures of peaceful people praying.
It does sell papers to show burned out automobiles with the implication that violent protesters are destroying all of the private property in sight, and of course then, a violent response from the police is justified.

The media controls the message and the gullible public accepts it. That is why we will get what we deserve when a psychopath is "elected" president. (Take your pick of major candidates - all but Jill Stein are psychopaths.)


It's heartwarming to hear how the Native American tribes are coming together like ever before because of this! Out of evil, some positive things emerge from the people.


Then why are they siccing their dogs on them?
Then why are they using sound cannons on the peaceful Water Protectors?
Then why are they pepper spraying them?


To the contrary, it's pretty obvious that "security guards" with dogs are the aggressors, not the folks bringing small children to the confrontation. You didn't give a link for your discovery, or even a date; we don't know whether this was the first confrontation, with dogs brought in from Ohio, covered by Amy Goodman for DN!. The public is not generally gullible (@bystander) or stupid. When you see the visuals, you can see who has the riot gear. And if the injuries to the one guard (not police, btw) who was "taken to a Bismarck hospital" are "undisclosed," they could very well be, oh, a finger sprained by getting tangled in a dog's leash.

Look, there's journalism and there's advocacy journalism. We've had little of the former and too much of the latter from Standing Rock so far, and even more too much of undocumented ranting and rumormongering. This article is about stepping up to investigation by an international agency. Can we focus on that and support it instead of smacking at each other over the quality of our negative rumors?


I have to say, the claim of "outside agitators" is pretty standard. Indeed, the sheriff and state police have been abusing all of the Water Protectors indiscriminately from the start, and the private guards brought in by Energy Transfer even more so. Some of that will also be sorted out by the UN observers.


I don't doubt you, but who is "they"? On what stations are "they" running these ads, how often and at what times of day, with what programs? And do you imply that no one can tell the difference between ads and news?


I understand that your membership in CD may be too new to allow you to post links, but without them, "go watch the video" doesn't accomplish much.


I believe they're doing that as far as they can right now. The issues are not nearly clear enough to do the National Guard thing, and it's not clear what a federalized Guard could be ordered to do other than stand down. Let's watch and see what the UN observers come up with. The builders have now been put on notice from 3 sides (DoJ, enviro lawyers, UN observers) that they are being and will be held accountable. Can we celebrate the good news without trying to fight fire with fire? I believe that's what the Water Protectors are doing, and the support they're asking from us.


The claims of voilence on the part of the water protectors have been made by the sheriff's dept of Morton County, and by the Sherriff himself. They have tried to say a woman shot a policeman. They have claimed a water protector had a rifle, but it turned out to be a security guard disguised as a Water Protector. They originally claimed the Sioux had "pipe bombs," because they actually had "peace pipes" or pipes for smoking. They claimed they were violent protesters; on my text of my iPhone while I was driving north of Oceti Sakowin, it texted an emergency alert; extreme alert, violent protestors. That is my memory.