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UN Praises Iran's "Exemplary" Leadership in Hosting Refugees

UN Praises Iran's "Exemplary" Leadership in Hosting Refugees

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The United Nations praised Iran's "exemplary" refugee resettlement program this week, saying the country's decades-long effort to house approximately 3 million displaced Afghans was "a story that's not told often enough."

Uh-oh, Breitbart and other purveyors of faux news and alternative facts are furiously creating a particularly vicious and lie-filled counterattack to this news…a smear campaign that will vilify every aspect of Iran including its culture, its society, and its people totally disregarding the nation’s generous act of mercy hosting desperate, fearful, hungry men, women and children seeking refuge from the horrors of war that have destroyed their homes, villages, and left them with nothing but pain and suffering.

Meanwhile, the American fuhrer seeks only to target, victimize, bar, and even expel “the other” and considers refugees from six countries in the Middle East to be terrorists to be loathed and feared. And next up is a tweet storm (laced with vicious war-mongering remarks) by same demanding that the US withdraw from the UN

Thanks for this article and letting us know that there are alternatives to the xenophobia Americans are surrounded by.


Of course there’s a political calculus here

But it’s a rare instance where the folks involved actually benefit from it.

Not mentioned in the article was that the “Soviet War” was fomented by CIA training and funding of the Taliban and al Quaeda. The same kind of regime change done in Ukraine. Russia rightfully considers such actions by the US as aggression. Also not mentioned was that the Islamic government of Iran was essentially installed by Brezhinsky et al as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. Over time the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend. Those players of “The Grand Chess Game” from the US are playing checkers against grand masters. Unfortunately they are poor losers are may overturn the board out of spite.

Nationalism is Tribalism. If you like waving your flag thats fine, enjoy yourself, But… Better than a community defined by the geographic boundaries of a particular nation state, is a community housed by a particular set of ideals and values. The many, many good people of Iran are our neighbors, good neighbors. There are like-minded, caring, thoughtful people situated all over the world. War and military aggression amounts to indiscriminate slaughter: Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Grab a hold of your allies hands and stand together, united, for that which we can all agree is right. Corporate monopolies are playing on a global level, So should we “the people”, or we will never be able to compete with plutocratic business interests.

P.S. If you like science and space travel remember the new frontier is outer space. Confronted with a competent global system of governance, just where will businesses look to evade bureaucratic oversight? The stars.

Anyone who is opposed to global regulators please address for me the way in which international waters, our planets oceans, have been poisoned by big business. What about that??? how do you handle that problem without a global system of governance? And what kind of system? A Democratic system?? Currently we have the G20 going on and US business interests have just pushed their weight around to remove any reference to climate change from the language of the agreements that regulates global commerce that irrefutably affects all of us. DID WE GET A VOTE? hell no.

So… why does this not strike everybody as an urgently necessary initiative? People are so convinced of their powerlessness, not only do we have to contend with a malevolent ruling class, but we are asked to educate and organize the entirety of the human race(some of them appear to be duds). So its admittedly hard, an up hill battle if you prefer. So thats our story?? It wasn’t easy, so we gave up?? What ever happened to “YES WE CAN”, or were the ultimate goals of everyone who dared to dream eight years ago to simply elect a black president:

“YES WE DID! Good luck everyone. We’re done. Its over. Enjoy whats left of your life while you can. Try to avoid those police, and quit dreaming. Get those visions of a brighter future out your head. This is as good as it gets, be resigned to that fact, and keep your head down, otherwise its gonna look like Saudi Arabia up in here.”

Really inspiring, huh… Just remember, about those changes we need to see to fruition, you don’t have to do it all alone, we are many.