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UN Remains Barred from Visiting US Prisons Amid Abuse Charges


UN Remains Barred from Visiting US Prisons Amid Abuse Charges

Thalif Deen, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS - When U.S. President Barack Obama visited the El Reno Correctional Facility in Oklahoma last week to check on living conditions of prisoners incarcerated there, no one in authority could prevent him from visiting the prison.

Obama, the first sitting president to visit a federal penitentiary, said “in too many places, black boys and black men, and Latino boys and Latino men experience being treated different under the law.”

The visit itself was described as “unprecedented” and “historic.”


One time our system was envied, now it is for profit so no transparency.


The UN would find inmates that belong in a mental health system and not in a prison. Drug cases that are part of the Drug War that should be handled outside of an expensive “profit” prison. A culture of violence that will mark and ruin the prisoner for the rest of their lives. The attorney for the Koch Brothers says costs need to be reduced. We can be sure they will reduce costs, but also fight basic systems like health care, mental health care, drug problems and support a profit system of cruelty that can not be shown to the UN.


It is no wonder that those in power do not want the UN human rights sector anywhere near US prisons. Today’s system has its roots in Southern reconstruction, black codes and the intentional imprisonment of former black slaves. And it’s supported by our Constitution. Slavery is legal in the US to this day, so says the 13th amendment passed in a trio of amendments following the Civil War in 1865, and still on the books: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Why would the “fair and shining city on the hill” ever have to open up anything to the rabble down in the canyons? This is Murka. Blech.


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You can’t have Muricans reading about the UN criticizing the USA prisons, and the US “justice system” not being #1 in the world - it would just confuse the citizens, and make them hesitate before the next illegal invasion of a smaller, weaker country.

What’s next, the US Mainstream Media on TV informing poor white laborers that China releases an annual report on Human Rights abuses in the USA? Hey, the USA is supposed to be the one criticizing China for human rights abuses!

Yahoo News June 26, 2015
China slams US human rights record in annual report

China on Friday slammed the US for a “terrible human rights record”, denouncing it for police brutality and global surveillance a day after Washington criticised Beijing’s own performance.

In a report sourced mainly from US media, China said the US was “haunted by spreading guns, frequent occurrence of violent crimes, the excessive use of force by police”.

It said that US intelligence had used “indiscriminate” torture against terrorist suspects, while “violating human rights in other countries” with drone strikes and mass surveillance programmes.

The document is released each year by China the day after the US State Department issues its annual global human rights report. Beijing does not release rights reports on other countries.

Unlike China, the US is a multiparty democracy but the report declared: “Money is a deciding factor in the US politics, and the US citizens’ political rights were not properly protected.”

China said the US justice system suffered from “serious racial bias”, highlighting police killings of several unarmed black men, which sparked protests over the past year.

The US has “grim problems of racial discrimination, and institutional discrimination against ethnic minorities continued”, it added.


My term for mic is the mercenary class and all it’s apparatus.


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Way back in the late 1700’s prisoners ate with the guards, planted their own crops in the field and were paroled home every Christmas. But back then this government obeyed the highest law in the land and did not allow “cruel and unusual punishment” like solitary confinement for years and force-feeding and swat teams for cell transfer. In the third world, Wardens frequently let good prisoners go early, and as you no doubt already know, rarely incarcerate anyone anyway in the first place.

The for-profit prison-industrial system is cruel and unusual built into it’s very essence. It can’t be anything else. Since war criminals like Obama, Cheney, Bush and Rumsfield are still walking around free, we need to pardon all non-violent offenders and fire 90 percent of these private prison scam houses and horsechit private companies cashing in on the misery of victims in the cruelest system in history. Judges who own stock in these companies should be hanged.


The shocking thing I learned this year is that a large percentage of local law enforcement are being trained by Israeli defense companies. Chicago is a good example under dual Israeli-citizen /Chicago Gov Ehram Emmanuel. NYC is the same. This might help explain the increase in sadistic torture with tasers which has resulted in a number of heart failures. Mentally disabled or deaf people get the blue bolts as punishment for failure to follow the storm troopers commands.

In SE Asia, cops are polite and rarely shoot anybody and don’t carry torture devices. They excel in trying to diffuse situations, rather than trying to turn a profit by always putting everyone in jail.

It’s like escaping Nazi Germany. You are no longer stalked by the SS.