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UN Report Calls for Transforming Land Practices to Feed the World and Tackle the Climate Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/un-report-calls-transforming-land-practices-feed-world-and-tackle-climate-emergency


Unfettered capitalism is a planet eating monster.


Ah-yup!   And since Korporations are “people” they are obviously Kannibals as well.


We are currently at 1.83C, with the El Nino we could reach 2C this year. I read a lot of we needs, not one of them mentioned the change in politics required i.e. getting rid of that wacko in Brazil cutting down the rain forest or the one here gutting science like a fish on the beach. Welcome to Hell.


I love it when someone captures the essence in a few short words. Well said natureboy, imho.


So, if the aliens have technology to make vast areas furtile enough to grow things, the conundrum of overpopulation looms in the wake of perceived success


Right. And we can’t rely on our corrupted majority leaders in Congress to take any visionary approach to the environmental and health problems facing the planet. Many of our elected representatives simply don’t care, or acknowledge, that a serious problem exists except making the rich richer off limited or stolen resources while simultaneously providing them welfare and legal immunity to keep them in business. I expect zilch from this administration and Pelosi in addressing anything in the UN Report that would hurt the bottom line: In the National Interest, whatever the hell that means.


Transforming how we treat the earth’s soil, ecosystems, water sources and animals is a good start, but by far the real solution is to transform reproductive practices.
Educate all humans worldwide that we no longer need more babies made.
Introduce them to the irrefutable concepts in the books Better Never to Have Been and The Human Predicament.
Explain that every child born contributes to anthropogenic mass extinction.
Explain that every child born now will grow up in a dystopic dying biosphere rife with suffering, drought, starvation, heat, wars, climate migrants, and other miseries.
And make free, safe, legal abortions, vasectomies, and contraceptives available worldwide.


“Unfettered capitalism is a planet eating monst-”

Moloch is hungry!


Bingo…and…thanks fir the book references…


National Enquirer photo caption:

Artist rendering of bizarre, inexplicable recurrent dream reported to multiple psychologists by patients


I miss your wise advice at Mother Jones, but I’m glad to find it here, although this is a place that already tends to embrace a lot of your good ideas.

Your thoughts also need to be found on sites that are bereft of any common sense & have no concept of the grave danger we face from climate chaos & environmental catastrophe & who want to prevent abortions, vasectomies & contraceptives from being available.


What a few have been saying for years is now reaching wider audiences…and yes…we all need to begin to change our business as usual models ASAP…or the future is going to be anything but friendly. The good news is that it would be interesting, engaging, and perhaps culminate in a new Renaissance…if we could each and every one of us find the courage to act wherever and however possible. We need to become one mighty wave of diversity, problem solving, and restorative right livelihoods…a big job.

But much more fun than accepting a third rate seat on the extinction train of global capitalism

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Thank you for your kind words.
I gave up on MoJo after being relentlessly attacked by the DNC shills and others there who did ad hominem attacks and otherwise couldn’t engage in rational discourse.
Glad you are here too!

Sustainable land practices don’t work without a sustainable population. The earth is finite. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.