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UN Report Card Gives US 'Failing Grade' on Human Rights


UN Report Card Gives US 'Failing Grade' on Human Rights

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A United Nations committee of independent monitors this week released a damning assessment of human rights in the United States, showing an overall dismal performance on issues from Guantanamo Bay detentions to mass surveillance to accountability for past atrocities—earning what the U.S. Human Rights Network called a "failing grade."


Despite the mountain of damning evidence to the contrary, the USA proclaims it is the beacon of human rights and all else that is, or should be, right with the world. There is no killing, even of women and children, no torture, no blood-filled atrocity that is not fully justified (if not to say worthy of jubilant celebration) by the USA’s demagnetized moral compass. Today’s USA shits on international law, wipes its ass with UN charters, and, despite the bloody, fascist stain it has become, celebrates it’s moral and ethical superiority over the rest of the known universe.



Not to mention a very long history of assisting Israel, no matter their violations of human rights and a long history of overthrowing governments in Latin American countries, our own history of torture, drone warfare, lack of reporting civilian casualties, and leaving Iraq in a disaster.


I, as an American citizen, am not surprised at all by this report. Especially considering how the U.S. government spies on us Americans and it just seems like the police are becoming more corrupt and more authoritarian. It’s pretty disgraceful because I thought my country was supposed to be the freest country in the world. Boy was I ever wrong! Our country’s human rights record is horrendous and this country has the nerve to criticize other countries for their human rights records. It’s just hypocritical. The U.S. has NO BUSINESS criticizing human rights in other countries because our human rights record is horrible! It’s ridiculous if you ask me.


Americans are just now starting to realize how corrupt and evil their country has been all along. Nothing has changed except for people’s awareness of it. The United States was kicked off the UN Commission on Human Rights in 2002, and the US thumbed its nose at international law. In 1986, the US was charged with violating international law by supporting (and inciting) the Contras against Nicaragua, as well as planting explosive mines in their harbor, both illegal. Nicaragua took the case to the International Court of Justice and the US said the court had no jurisdiction and refused to participate in the hearings. Nicaragua won, but the US has refused to acknowledge it. On several occasions, a man named Luis Posada Carriles committed acts of terrorism for the American CIA, including a bombings that killed tourists and blowing up an airplane. The US has continued to offer protection to this international terrorist.

The list goes on. The United States is a shameful country and a disgrace to humanity. No sane person could be proud to be American. The American public needs to wake up and discover what is going on in the world, and they can start by turning off all American news networks and start exposing themselves to reality.