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UN Report: Muslim Youth Fighting in Syria Mostly Not Motivated By Islam


UN Report: Muslim Youth Fighting in Syria Mostly Not Motivated By Islam

Juan Cole

Lizzie Dearden at The Independent reviews a new report by the United Nations Office of Counter-terrorism.

Some 25,000 young men are said to have made their way from Europe to fight the regime in Syria, and as the war winds down, many will return. Understanding what drove them will help in designing programs to help with reintegration.


Link to the report: Enhancing the Understanding of the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Phenomenon in Syria

I’m quite sure that nearly 100% of the ‘Christians’ who participated in the Crusades hadn’t read the Bible, nor when they were sent to the Americas to slaughter brown people there.

Likewise for the a-holes who sent them there.


Interesting that Cole does not mention that these individuals went to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS, as the article he referenced did. Only that they were joining the “resistance” to Assad.


We are led to believe that poverty and peer pressure makes some people join groups known for things like caging innocent people and throwing them in the water, forcing five-year-olds to shoot blindfolded prisoners, and taking sex-slaves? At first I was thinking that this was ridiculous but then I began to think about what Ice-T said in “Hip-Hop Evolution” (which by the way is an excellent documentary on Netflix). He was talking about Gangster life and how morality can get turned upside down in certain neighborhoods that are poor and gang infested. Maybe there is a similarity.


“were not motivated by a detailed knowledge of Islam”

then one para down

" They are Sunni Muslims and felt that the Alawite-dominated regime of Bashar al-Assad is mistreating Sunni Muslims."

So if they are not motivated by religion that means that some of them are also fighting along side the Kurds?


More disinformation from Prof. Cole. Not a whisper of the vast number of mercenaries among the “rebel” groups, a great many of them foreign and non-Syrian. This article, like so many of Cole’s, is a smokescreen for the fact that most of these goons are fighting a proxy war for the empire, as has been made clear time and again, most recently by the reporting (even in the MSM!) on Trump’s decision to cease CIA support for arming the rebels. Indeed that may have been his reason for writing this.


A massive influx of War Funding, implemented so as to Drasticly Improve the Lives of Native Muslim Youth, would accomplish everything, except making the Arms Industry more Profitable.

They don’t “…Hate us for our Freedoms.”, they hate Our Govt because it Killed Grandma and Blew Up her House.


There are those who do indeed hate us for our freedoms though. They are in Washington, D.C. and are working on taking those freedoms away from us. One by one.


Absolutely right!