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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Underscoring the need for "rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented" changes to life as we know it to combat the global climate crisis, a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—the United Nations' leading body for climate science—details what the world could look like if the global temperature rises to 1.5°C versus 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and outlines pathways to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the context of sustainable development and efforts to eradicate poverty.


Is capitalism more important than survival?


And this summary by the IPCC is not complete. A lot is left out that speaks to the freight train of devastation on the way. See Time report here:


I say the s**t has already hit the fan. What matters now is how bad will the coming decades be. Something happened to the educational system since the early 70’s when I graduated high school. I knew this was coming. The powers don’t care. Collapse will happen. When is the only question. it’s way too late fpr small measures.


Cold, Calculated, premeditated mass murder. Do we have to get permission to take action on behalf of our own survival? Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about this fundamental right, this need for human survival? Doesn’t our Declaration of Independence say we have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Aren’t there some mothers out there concerned for the well being of their young? If this isn’t important to us then why should we respect any other law? Isn’t it all pointless completely if were just going to allow ourselves to sit back and accept our own extinction? How is drunk driving, or grand larceny, or even murder worse than this? Are we really so ineffectual that we have no recourse but to accept this pathetic fate? Where is the holy marketplace that’s supposed to fix everything with its magical invisible hand? What use is God who sees all of this coming and whose billions of followers find no cause to act? Where is morality, justice, freedom, even decency under such conditions?


I guess this report on future emissions pretty much confirms that we’re doomed to climate chaos:



Based on the last 50 years of the 1%'s actions & inactions, I would conclude that, to the 1%, capitalism is more important than the survival of civilization and of all life on Earth.


Unfortunately to the capitalists, the answer to your question is: UNEQUIVOCALLY YES!


But we, the people, cannot do anything about climate catastrophe until we have rid America of DJT and most Republicans in the government. So, everyone, go to the polls and vote your conscience, but get rid of those who do not consider climate catastrophe to be important…


I was reading about this early this am on another site frequented by, well, Trump supporters and conservatives. The comments tell it all, jokes and total denials. My take is, many of these are the very people that scramble first into the life boats and toss everyone else out so they and theirs have a safe refuge.

As far as I’m concerned, we should’ve been putting BC into cereal, coffee, milk, more than 50 years ago (this is sarcasm obviously, but some sort of population control should have been enacted decades ago). ZPG or simply replace yourself, ie each couple - two children.

The planet fights back (course, this is all on us (plastics/pollution – namely, the industrial revolution)): https://www.gq.com/story/sperm-count-zero

People, this is not only reducing sperm counts, and will continue to do so, it is causing changes in anatomy. BTW, a generation is 22-33 years.

"A strange thing has happened to men over the past few decades: We’ve become increasingly infertile, so much so that within a generation we may lose the ability to reproduce entirely." …

“What you are seeing in a number of systems, other developmental systems, is that the sex differences are shrinking,” Swan told me. Men are producing less sperm. They’re also becoming less male."


If we do not declare war on the fossil fuel INDUSTRIES AND INITIATE GLOBAL ACTION SOON! This could be a future headline in 2040: CLIMATE DEVASTATION KILLING MILLIONS ALL OVER THE PLANET!


I’ll be nearing 90 about then, if I make it that far.

I hope we have disposed of all the motherf#€kers that could have helped prevent this by then.


Republicans either do not recognize climate change or do not wish to do anything. We need lots of democrats elected now. As Annie12 says, nothing will happen until we get rid of Trump, but if we elect democrats in an unprecedented horde, both now and in 2020, then change could begin. Even then it will be difficult to truly scale up to the need. Catastrophe is already baked in. But we can still have a livable planet in many areas. Doing nothing is not an option. Costa Rica seems on schedule to meet or exceed their goals. We’re just as talented as they are, dammit.


It is looking to me, that the lucky ones may be the ones that will be dead by 2040!


“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

― Mark Twain

(THAT seems to be the way things are headed.)


Over on another site I commented that until we stop funding the military killing machine and spend that money on a healthy planet will things change. Otherwise accept and adjust to extinction. The person that wrote the post refuses to understand this. It ain’t rocket science, we are what we spend our money on. DUH. I won’t be continuing that conversation. Here is seems sanity resides.


While I truly appreciate Twain, let’s try Frank Zappa, another American observer: “Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons.”


Commercialism/capitalism [more important than survival]? It would seem so.

The human race has not, and probably will not, evolve to the point where it can sustain a healthy existence w/all the chemicals (plastics primarily) and pollution on the planet. We did it to ourselves.

Well, at least it explains why all the mega-billionaires are plotting their escape by funding their own space exploration. Bad news is, we can’t get to anywhere that is suitable for human life and won’t be able to for another century or so.


Those stricken with the mental illness of insatiable want are like a person who packs their house with stuff or collects cats. They cannot stop and require medical intervention.

Capitalism itself does have a safe, human scale.


Does your condemnation of Rs leave your unspoken opinion that Ds are world peace environmental saviors?