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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


Capitalism is suicidal.

As for the 2040 date –

I’d say it’s fiction and a compromise to once again lie to the public –

more likely it should be 2010.


The language is not strong enough nor does it project the dire picture of a climate increase of 1.5C. That is 34.7F!!! Imagine places like Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas, California–where temperatures in the summer reach 100 degrees and better! Who could tolerate 135 degrees? Water would evaporate. The land will crack and crumble. And if it reach 2C…forget it!!!

People need to SEE pictures of what the world will look like if these temperatures keep rising.


My sentiments exactly.


Those who have the most to lose, the young, must rise up and seize control, soon, if our nation is to survive the Trumps of this world.

I’ll join them while I still can.


It seems to me with the 30 to 40-year lag built into the system we are already committed to about 1.5C unless carbon removal is carried out on a large scale and there are no plans for that in the near future. Also, positive feedbacks could be triggered at any point past 1C and this could mean we are already committed to going beyond 1.5C or higher. Since the world has failed over a period of about 30 years to get up to the scale needed to markedly reduced emissions it seems unlikely such scale will be achieved anytime soon, The real battle is probably to save civilization from completely collapsing. It has been speculated that such a collapse would be likely if the temperature exceeded 4C. I think the role of feedbacks will play a large part of whether the temperature can be kept below 4C this century. Right now it is important to work to fight climate change in our local communities. We need rooftop solar, more energy efficient buildings, energy efficient cars, more recharging stations, etc.A few vocal individuals can make a big difference locally, especially in smaller communities. Without changes at the local level all attempts to fight climate change at higher levels of government will fail.


If this is the case then the entire SW will become the Sahara desert. Maybe you’re misinterpreting the numbers, they’re calling for no more than an increase in temps of 1.5C (2.7F) over a certain period of time.

"There’s a very good chance, analysts and diplomats say, that the final agreement will call for a limit of 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit)—a crucial half degree less global warming."


Emergency Climate Change has been going on for 3 decades. Had the powers that be dealt with it back then, we wouldn’t be calling it an emergency now. This Extinction Event will only get worse for us. The absurd thing is that these Billionaires all have Retreats and Hideaways that they truly believe will save them, yet they breathe the same air we do, drink the same acid rain water, even tho they think their water is pure, which also waters their non GMO crops. Most of them are old, even tho they think their money will allow them to live forever. Psychopaths all think like that.


Let them all go to Mars with a one way ticket. They can collect rocks. The more rocks each one has, the richer they will think they are…


I can not comprehend what this country will be like 10 years from now!


I’m with you, Adam. We are witnessing a conspiracy to murder billions of human beings.
All of these monsters should be immediately arrested and put on trial for conspiracy to commit mass murder and crimes against humanity.
If we don’t act soon, there will be no one to hold them to account.


Yep and here in Canada , Justin Trudeau (Liberal) our Prime Minister and Rachel Notley (NDP) Premier of Alberta , promote a tripling of dirty oil exports out of the Tarsands region in North Alberta, the pipelines to be built and the plants put in place to rip away the forests to get at the tarsands oil underneath will only start to see a return on investment 20+ years down the road.

They promote this lamebrain scheme that somehow revenues raised from the same can be used to invest in technologies to counter the damage done. The very image of Nero at his fiddle as Rome burned.

But hey, there profits to be made and jobs to be had! (here is where it gets real tricky. They have even suggested that due to Global Warming hydrocarbons will in time be phased out as an energy source. Using their limited faculties for thinking promoters of these projects claims that Canada had better sell all of the dirty oil they can while there still a market for it)


Yes and this is going to take a Herculean feat in our consciousness but most importantly in the awareness of those who rule the world over. This is evident in some parts of our globe but is needed by everyone–or at the least by many to reach critical mass–acting to the best of their capacity and for the sake of everyone and every creature, every eco-system, our common Earth Mother. To facilitate we must see Life as one, to see one another as one.


I can not comprehend what this country is now!


Let’s start with Mitch McChinless from Kentucky. I’ll be the first one to volunteer and cannibalize him when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately, he’ll be dead by then.


I’ll be there too. As this is a planetary emergency Trump, Inc. needs to go. Our global community cannot afford them.


Mark Twain said that a long time ago and unfortunately it has only gotten much worse since Mark Twain’s prescient quote.
If voting mattered, it would no doubt be illegal!


Cannibal humor aside and on a more serious note, we are on a path to the extinction of most species including Homo sapiens. Even though I personally feel that we are too late, we need global “All hands on Deck” action from all countries to cease industrial carbon emissions. Easier said than done.


Insane–and criminal-- for them to think we actually have the time. They can push full steam ahead creating jobs on a massive scale with people the world over planting trees, cleaning our waterways, solar, wind, geo-thermal as we limit our consumption and redirect our procreative urge to such creative imaginings to make them possible.


Of course not!


obviously food bills will be going up. We have a combination of mining the soil with mono crops and rising temperatures with either to much or to little rain. people need to know what food bill will be under 2 degrees Celsius. That’s something we all can understand.